About This Site

Greetings, men.

My name is Dick Masterson and welcome to MenareBetterthanWomen.com.

First let me say that this is a site by men and for men. That means no women allowed. If you are a woman, at this point I would like to invite you to fuck off. My tone may seem too harsh for your delicate tendencies ladies, but let me assure you that it is for your own protection. There are secret dealings and divulgings here that would most likely confuse you to a point of hysteria, and I will play no part in that.

Now…men, welcome again to MenareBetterthanWomen.com. Our purpose here — and let me stress that it is our purpose — is three fold. As men I’m sure all of you realize that the “three fold” is the best and only true nature of purpose. See, we’re on the same page already.

1. To expose the clumsy feminist dogma of equality — which reeks of desperation and failure at its core, and explore many theories and thoughts on the nature of men being better than women — which they are. Unequivocally.

2. To do so in an environment safe from the cocklasherous brow-beating of an out of control feminocracy and bereft of the lies and malfeasance that are only too typical of the female race. To provide a veritable utopia of enlightened man-thought and revaluation of all things true.

3. To share and discuss tactics for evading and detecting prevalent methods of feminist manipulation; recognizing the deceit of women en masse and putting a boot in the ass of feminism.

Certainly these tenets are merely a simplified goal set, but there are three of them and that kind of triforce of direction cannot be fucked with — everyone who knows anything (and I’m talking about men here) knows that.

Men let me also admit that some of these articles and ideas may make you a bit squeamish — probably because they’re so fucking accurate (you’ll have to decide that for yourself) — but this guilt is perfectly natural because we men are very sensitive and have a depth of emotion unfathomable to women. This guilt should be completely ignored.

The business of exposing the truths of men and women and men being better than women is a nasty one indeed, like felling the wand of a bumbling fuckhead magician who is too poor to afford a top hat and possibly has a debilitating speech impediment like Tourette’s or something, I don’t know.

This is simply the nature of the beast, and it is one that we can smite together by the whim of our awesome manly power.


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