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Dick Responds: The Mid-Wife Crisis

Posted in He Said/She Said on August 28th, 2008

Marriage is a daily compromise of your money, time, and happiness for the senseless whims of some unpredictable bitch who stopped maturing when she started menstruating.

Short version: Fuck marriage.

Today, I have a new reason why none of you men should get married. And that reason comes from the last place you would ever expect: Oprah Magazine.

Gentlemen, I present the Mid-Wife Crisis. Get ready to see a journalist package self-loathing and selfishness as introspection — and then sell that shit to the dumbest bunch of cows on Earth: readers of Oprah Magazine.

Read this for a reason to say, “I don’t.” [Read more]

Child-Man in the Promised Land: Response

Posted in He Said/She Said on March 18th, 2008

Recently myself and MenAreBetterThanWomen.com were mentioned in an article about the maturity of today’s twenty-something male culture. Since the article was written by a woman, not only was it petty, wish-washy, and wrong by a country mile; it was also focused entirely on marriage.

Marriage and a willingness to be married is not the definition of maturity. It’s actually the opposite. Unless screaming at the people you love because some pastries are two hours late is the benchmark of maturity. I’m pretty sure it isn’t, though the article didn’t mention either way.

Men are better than women at being 20. This holds today as much as it ever did — including in 1965. Here is my response to Child-Man in the Promised Land. [Read more]

There’s Nothing to Wrong Except Wrong Itself

Posted in He Said/She Said on September 27th, 2006

I hear this question all the time; never directed at myself, but while hearing shrill she-devils screech and harp on their man-friends while standing in line for the cinema or the man-theater or a meat restaurant.

“Were you checking out that girl?”

I carry around a special stash of Man Points for the first man to answer it correctly. I haven’t given them out yet, so if you see me hanging about the correct answer is:

“Yes.” [Read more]