The F Word

The F word today is Feminism — not fuck like it is usually.

It seems that on the topic of men being better than women eventually the topic of feminism should be covered.

Although I don’t really see why.

Since no one gives a shit about it.

Instead of summing up The Feminism, Feminists, or the Feminist Movement in any way shape or form, I’m just going to let the experts do it for you.

Point your browser over to, a harem of horn trumpeting and the slandering of nonsense the likes of which I have never seen before. It’s as if someone has hot-boxed horseshit hysteria. Remember that one short-lived game on American Gladiator, where the contestants and the gladiators would bounce from platforms on bungee cords, with a frantic and desperate mania, to stick Velcro balls to a suspended pole in the middle of an arena? Of course you remember it you’re a man and every episode of that show was man-tasticly great. is a lot like that game. Except instead of contenders, gladiators, and balls; there are only women and their lust for getting outraged as quickly and as often as possible about absolutely any news story that has to do with men, women, or gender. The frantic and desperate mania is quite the same.

Since only men are allowed to read this, I can guarantee what the first thing that catches your eyes on that page will be, and that is the giant picture of the braless woman on the right hand column of the page with her nipples sticking through her shirt.

Let me repeat that.

With her braless nipples sticking through her shirt.


That’s a very interesting thing to see on a site whose sole purpose is to counter that exact kind of female empowerment (read exploitation). It’s so interesting that one might even call it not interesting at all, typical, and complete bullshit hypocrisy.

Far be it from me to tell someone how to run a business — which feminism definitely is, just as much as is Nike Jogging Wear for women. The picture is an ad to sell T-shirts. That’s fine. Everyone knows attractive women sell the goods as well as their goods (while still not being as good as men at doing so). Women see that ad and immediately lust for her braless attention like rabid wolves, frothing at the mouth for their chance to casually tread the line between “taken seriously” and “woops”.

Put your hard helmets on, ladies. Your integrity is dropping like flies as Girl Power strikes again.


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