Frequently Asked Man Questions

1. Are women allowed on this site?

No. Absolutely no women are allowed on this site.

2. Is this site a joke?

There is nothing on this site that’s a joke — except for things that are clearly designed for your amusement. But you can spot those easily because they are hilarious. Otherwise, the facts expressed here are done so only to expose truths and spread the wonderful word of man to himself all over the globe. Men are great communicators in that way — much better than women.

3. I am a woman and I…?

You should definitely not be on the site. I’m assuming that the next part of your question is “want” because there’s two things you can be sure of whenever a women is speaking. Her sentence will start with “I” and it will usually be followed immediately by “want”.

Scenario two is that the next two words are “don’t think…” in which case she should just stop right there because that’s about as accurate as a lady-type can get.

4. Why do you let women post on this site?

While it is true that I have the technical ability to prevent women from denigrating this site with their mindless comments, I don’t have the time to do so. More importantly I don’t believe in censoring the opinions of individuals. Everyone deserves their fair say (and I mean meaningless words, not with something like a vote. In no way should women be allowed to vote), no matter how stupid and immature their opinions are. The women who post here are free to embarrass themselves and their gender to their hearts’ content.

Try not to help them see logic men. It’s hard to resist because they are so confused and helpless, but they’re just baiting at the end of the day.

4. Why do women hate men and also crave — more than anything — to be labeled as their equals?

I have absolutely no idea, but rest assured that it’s the labelling they love. Just like on their jeans and purses, nothing means more to a woman than a label. Even if its more worthless than the salary of the child slave laborer who stitched it on.

5. What is an IP Man Hash?

See What is an IP Man Hash.

6. What are Man Points?

See What are Man Points.

7. Do you hate women because you were abused by one?

That is a bullshit trick question that cannot be answered without looking like an idiot so I’ll assume you’re a woman for asking it. In which case, feel free to fuck right off my site before getting to the end of this sentence.

I do not hate women. I love women. I think women are special things that should be treasured as such — appreciated like one values a classic car or a potentially valuable lottery ticket — especially beautiful women. I do, however, know and respect that men are better than women. We’re better at everything a person needs to be to excel in this great and crazy man-game of life. What things exactly you ask? Why not start here at the very first post and not stop until you get back.

8. Why did you start this incredible site?

Feel free to read the Maniversary Origins article.

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