As a man I know that there’s nothing quite like a good quote to sum up an argument or an ethos completely. It should be concise, pithy if necessary, and should never use words that someone might have to look up. That’s the last thing you want anyone doing on the road after seeing your slogan on a bumper sticker. The roads are dangerous enough out there as it is, thanks to all the lady drivers.

Here are some things people are saying about MenAreBetterThanWomen.com. Don’t ask me how the women are able to talk about site they can’t read. At first I thought they were just disobeying the rules, wedging their way in where they’re not welcome; but more than likely they’re (like usual) simply talking about something in which they have no frame of reference and fabricating their opinions based on gobbelty-gook and hysteria.

“the guy may be the worst male chauvinist I’ve ever seen.”

Dr. Phil on Larry King Live

Here’s hoping.

“Meet Dick Masterson: the most chauvinistic man alive.”

Nothing Toxic

Where’s my trophy? Oh yea. It’s my cock.

“In other blogging news, I’ve just found the best blog in the world ever.”

Evil, Evil Pundit

Completely masculine kudos to me.

“I always am amazed at the sites that link to u, but this one has to be my new favorite: MenAreBetterThanWomen.com. Oh yes, there’s no shame in his game.”

Jessica, feministing.com

That’s right, Jessica. And why should there be shame in openly and honestly sharing your opinion with the world? Especially if your opinion is also 100% fact.

Excuse me while I wipe the testosterone that just oozed out of my screen off of my keyboard.

Kyso Kisaen, Punk Ass Blog

You’re going to want to save that. It’s valuable stuff that makes your brain work.

I think sites like those are appualing, and need to be shut down.

Andy_B, TV ARK

Good luck with that. You’ll find yourselves completely powerless. Unless you’re men in which case you always have the powers of brains.

what can I say… a real man’s man!

David Naylor, DaveN

Special thanks to David Naylor for showing me his Man Bag — truly a glorious thing.

Sivusto “Men Are Better Than Women” on varmaankin radikaalein miesasiasivusto, mitä olen koskaan nähnyt. Tämän näkee esimerkiksi kirjoituksesta “Women suck at computers” tai “Space…the Male Frontier”.

Ilkka Kokkarinen, Lovelacen Testi

I have absolutely no idea what you said, Ilkka, but I’m sure I either agree or disagree with you completely.

… this guy’s the unmitigated analogy king of the internets.

Greg, Fool Rushed In

That makes me as happy as a horse in a…well maybe a 2×4 that’s been milled in — in some kind of way.

I can’t think of one right now, but it’s very complimentary.

I’d never been to the site before posting it.

But it pretty much wins the internet.

Bakunin, TWW Forums

I’ll be waiting for my shrink wrapped internet in the post. Shall we say 6-8 weeks? Cheers, Bakunin.

I’ll be frank. This website caused a cold sweat to fall upon me. It caused panic to well up within me and bile to catch at my throat.

Vanessa, If They Only Nu

This is exactly why I’ve forbidden women from reading this site. That kind of wild vertigo and hysteria can only be caused by attempting to take a high, concentrated dose of fact hard and fast and with an untrained mind. It’s a burden that we men carry with a heavy heart and a quiet mouth.

Dick, you are the new Shakespeare in my eyes.

Rob, ShrinkTalk.Net

I don’t make it my business to disagree with doctors.

Dirk Masterson has created a masterpiece over at “Men are better than Women”.

CB, Bastards Inc.

Close enough.

Christ almighty, Dick Masterson & Co are you a bunch of repressed poofs or what?

Jason Soon, catallaxy

I’m not sure where that’s coming from.

there are enough anti-women articles at MABTW.com to give you a good jolt of manly power for months.

Gabriel, AlphaBeta.com

Man months.

Oh come on! That is some funny shit! – V, ViolentAcres.com

“It’s just too perfect.” – ctg

“Pardon my French, but holy motherfucking shit. I can’t believe a site like this even exists.” – Kat

“I Fully rekon hes worse then hitler.” – Bardok Boysenberry

“The fat pig who founded this deserves to be hanged.” – Witch Fairy

“This site is evil and corrupts the minds of decent men.” – Antifreke’s girlfriend

“I hate dick by the way. He’s a lunatic. He’s sick!” – vavoom

“It’s so egotistical I swear to god I felt an imaginary penis jump out of the screen and smack me in my face.” – jescas

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