What Are Man Points?

Good question. Let me award you your first Man Point for asking. Let me then tell you that I’m sorry, but answering that question would be a severe loss of my Man Points.

With that in mind, I’ll give a few examples of how Man Points can be gained or lost* and let you figure it out from there. That’s the fun in life anyway — figuring it out on your own. As a man you already know that.

Ways to Get Man Points:
Catching a drink that has fallen off the table.
Not using directions.
Using the phrase, “I think I know what I’m doing.”
Not wearing a jacket.
Being sneaky for any reason.

Ways to Lose Man Points:
Lighting a cigarette on the wrong end.
Locking someone else’s keys in their car.
Keeping track of Man Points.
Using the phrase, “I wasn’t crying.”
Calling your girlfriend/wife.

*Note: At any time Man Points may be retroactively gained or lost and may be done so with a multiplicative modifier depending on the circumstances. Here’s an example.

Dancing – definite loss of Man Points.
Riverdancing on a table – negotiable gain of Man Points.
Spilling a woman’s drink while riverdancing on a table – loss of Man Points with multiplier.
Offering to hold the woman’s spilled on belongings in your Man Bag – gain of Man Points with multiplier.
Holding an ugly woman’s belongings in your Man Bag – loss of all Man Points.

If you’d like to discuss Man Points or if you have any Man Point related queries, take it to the forums in Adventures in Man Points.

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