Honorary Man of the Month

Women who fight their gender handicaps and achieve on par with a man — for one man-tastic moment.

The MABTW Tattoo

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, Manspirations on September 8th, 2008


It’s rare that a man makes a mistake. I myself have never made one. However, last week I nearly did when I named Sarah Palin my Honorary Man of the Year. Clearly, the woman above deserves that title.

However, the woman above is ineligible. Because she’s my Honorary Man of the Decade. My perfect record continues. [Read more]

McCain and the VPILF

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, World News on September 1st, 2008

I’m going to tell you guys the first thing I thought when I was text messaged a picture of McCain’s new VP by a dozen fucking people at 8 in the morning.

sarah palin vpilf

I’d fuck her.

Meet the world’s first VPILF, fellows and gentlemen. A Vice President I’d like to fuck. And she will be Vice President because apparently McCain is the smartest fucking politician in history. Who knew!

I’m jumping on the VPILF train today by naming Miss Sarah Palin my Honorary Man of the Year. [Read more]

Happy Birthday. I Got You A ‘Settle the Fuck Down’.

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, Science Says... on April 27th, 2008

Women are the only creatures on the planet dumb enough to think their birthday is an actual holiday. Birthdays are not holidays. Just like weddings, coffee, pets, and anniversaries that don’t end in and also are “0”; birthdays are not a big deal.

A woman once told me that I had to be nicer to her because it was her “birthday week.” Are you fucking kidding me?

Men are better than women at having birthdays. Men are so much better than women at birthdays that I don’t even know when my birthday is. [Read more]

A Case Study in Horizontal Success

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, World News on March 13th, 2008

There’s only one way for a woman to get ahead in this world, and that’s by fucking.

The sooner a woman realizes that, the sooner she can begin the lifelong process of self-loathing and delusion that is known as womanhood. But at least she can do it in Versace as an international pop idol or famous lady-author.

When a woman opens her legs, she opens the door to a future of success.

Let’s see an example of this and talk about my new favorite hooker: Eliot Spitzer’s very own Ashley Alexandra Dupre. Who is also my very own Honorary Man of the Month! [Read more]

Sterilizing for Mother Earth

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, World News on November 26th, 2007

The reason it takes women two hours to go shoe shopping is because they anthropomorphise consumable goods. That’s what women are after all: consumable goods. It’s no surprise that they project their self-worth onto anything that can be purchased and used.

Women assign souls to inanimate objects. When they go shoe shopping, they have to look at each and every pair because if they miss one, a woman thinks she’s hurting its feelings. That’s why women are such cunts most of time. After a long day of running four errands before 3 PM, a woman has already exhausted her daily supply of caring. Fuck you if you wanted anything by the time you see her. You should have been on the rack with a price tag like the rest of her “babies”.

“Mother Nature” is full of consumable goods. Women think “Mother Earth” has feelings.

At least that’s what I’m going with until anyone can think of a better reason why a woman would abort a fetus in order to protect “Mother Earth” from the carbon emissions of her spawn. [Read more]

Whore-o-ween: Now For Kids!

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, World News on October 31st, 2007

If it looks like a stripper and costs like a stripper then it’s a stripper.

This Halloween, woman-kind has lowered the bar of decency yet another inch in their eternal quest for gold at the Whore Olympics, by giving their daughters the key to the Halloween Slut closet six years ahead of schedule.

If you haven’t been watching the news, or you haven’t attended any elementary school Halloween parties, let me tell you about the trick or treat you’ve been missing.

Jailbait. [Read more]

Miss Teen USA is Functionally Retarded

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, World News on August 30th, 2007

At a dog show, even third place is still a good specimen of dog. It might not be the best, but it’s a damn good dog. No one’s showing up at the Westminster Kennel Club with a dead monkey on a leash.

Third place at the Miss Teen USA pageant, however, is a mildly-functioning, retarded jackass.

I don’t know whether to criticize the Miss Teen USA pageant for this, or congratulate them on finding such an accurate ambassador for the female gender. [Read more]

Life In A Cage

Posted in Honorary Man of the Month, The MANifesto on July 4th, 2007

When I think of a man I think of several things: successful, smells great, nuclear explosions of brilliance and poignancy. When I think of a woman, I usually think of something retarded, like a mule or a donkey with no real friends who can’t drive and has a lifespan that stretches well beyond her years of usefulness.

Maybe that’s why women are always so pissed off. Donkeys are stubborn because they have hooves and can’t do anything. Women are opinionated loud-mouths for the same reason. They just don’t have the hooves. [Read more]