The MABTW Tattoo


It’s rare that a man makes a mistake. I myself have never made one. However, last week I nearly did when I named Sarah Palin my Honorary Man of the Year. Clearly, the woman above deserves that title.

However, the woman above is ineligible. Because she’s my Honorary Man of the Decade. My perfect record continues.

Last week, I received the manmazing piece of Dick appreciation pictured above. What you see is a real tattoo on a real woman that says everything every one of us is thinking.

Men are better than women.

We think it when we hear a woman cackling at her own incompetence — or sobbing over something trivial. We think it when we see a woman look back and forth seven times at a stop sign — or not looking at all! We think it when a mother yanks her child out of Target by his wrist and gingerly places her “baby” Chihuahua in a $2,000 purse. We think it every time some bitch receptionist finishes three more sentences with her friend over the phone before hanging up to do her fucking job. We think it a hundred times a day and now, we think it when we see this girl’s arm.

Good work, sweetheart. You’ve bravely shown other women the way. It’s okay to admit the truth, ladies. In fact, it makes you worth fucking.

Because I knew many of you would have questions, I asked the babe in question to leave me a voicemail.

Check out her MySpace, guys. And give her some love — or money. To women they’re the same thing.

Tattoo Babe’s MySpace.

The Super Frat v. MABTW Crossover!

Next stop on the ass kicking train: the Men Are Better Than Women v. Super Frat crossover comic. For those of you who have spent your lives up until now reading shitty comics, Super Frat is what happens when you cross Animal House and the Justice League — and also Heavy Metal, that early 80’s cartoon where every chick has amazing cans.

That’s what you get at Check it out every day and buy two of everything they’re selling.

Look for the crossover sometime in October. I’ll be appearing as a chauvinist detective: solving mysteries and battling evil while educating America’s collegiate youth on the art of chauvinism.