Isn’t This Hate Speech?

Anything women don’t understand, they label hate speech. Astoundingly, they’ve done just that very thing with this website and had it forcibly removed from several webhosts.

I’ve heard a woman call algebra number racism. That’s profoundly stupid.

Women are banned from not only because they’re annoying as fuck and the logical knots that I, Dick Masterson, tie around the million viper-like heads of feminism would make their fragile little heads explode — and get glitter and donkey shit all over the place; but women are also banned because they’re fascists.

Fascism has no place in a free society nor in the free exchange of ideas. Women should think about that while they’re enjoying their halter tops and Frappaccinos instead of burkas and knuckle-rappings. They don’t of course. They’re women. They’re not designed to think. They’re only designed to bitch.

Women’s response to everything is to cut your dick off. They don’t actually do it because they have no balls — metaphorical or literal balls, it doesn’t matter because it’s the same fucking thing; but that’s what they’re thinking.

Disagree with a woman?

Off with his penis!

Don’t open a door for a woman?

Oh wow, off with that penis!

Open a door for a woman?

Are you kidding? Get that penis right off!

Women are the twice digested, pillow sized burrito that would forever clog up the toilet of free speech if it weren’t for men and our eternal vigilance. is not hateful every or in any way. In fact, you can’t find a single phrase on this site that is hateful in nature or promotes hate.

I take that back. You can find plenty of hate on this site.

There are thousands of comments from women (who are not fucking allowed here in the first place because of their donkey shit, glitter brains) littering this site making dick-chopping threats and otherwise spewing hate with such a vengeance that it makes me mourn for the children.

Who are teaching these children? Why, it’s none other than the same hateful swine whose answer to everything is to whip out the Wiener Guillotine.

Poor women: so confused and so grossly incompetent. I suppose we should mourn for them as well.

Men are better than women.

174 responses to “Isn’t This Hate Speech?”

  1. Rae Bamberger says:

    I am a man and I cannot understand the stupidity that went into the creation of this site. How can you say that women are worse at EVERYTHING then men? To say this is to refute study after study that proves the very opposite. Yes, obviously in a physical sense men are superior, but in most other ways they are equal. To compare any man with any women and automatically say the man is better is ludicrous. Picture a homeless man begging on the street because he dropped out of high school to do drugs. Compare this man to a heart surgeon who spent years studying her ass off in school. How can he be considered superior to her? In what way? Im not saying that women are better than all men but please explain to me how ALL men are better than all women.

    • Rae Bamberger says:

      I could probably name hundreds of women who have achieved more in their lives than you and yet you still maintain that you are superior. You spend your time writing completely insane articles that have no basis in actual fact, while millions of women are out there saving lives, defending the innocent, and helping the world. You say that women are nothing without men however in reality the human race is nothing without women. THEY carry the children and are infant essential to the survival of the human race. all men come from women. Women create men. How are they irrelevant when the entirely of humanity comes from their bodies?

  2. Yourmotherisashamed says:

    I feel sorry for the the woman who gave birth to you.

  3. Haha says:

    Yes Master I will obey you.

  4. Xenia says:

    Hey guys, if you like reading chauvinists, I highly suggest getting literary and hitting up Ernest Hemingway or Charles Bukowski or any Russian novelist. Chauvinism satire in general isn’t very funny or clever (exception: Lolita) so you might as well read your chauvinism imbued with the poetic sadness that is its only charm…

  5. Anon6969 says:

    Guys check out this link:

    Proof that lesbian feminazis really do hate men and want us all exterminated. Because that’s what they LITERALLY ARE SAYING.

    Also check out their I genuinely hate men thread:

    And their I feel straight women make women look bad thread:

  6. Angela says:

    Hmm..I’m a woman and I don’t want to cut anyones dick off. If women keep threatening to do that to you maybe its because you’re an ass hole.

  7. Anon6969 says:

    Feminists are scum. L Chatters are a bunch of dykes.

  8. I saw Heaven says:

    I am praying for all of you men who hate women. We are different but equal. I died during an accident and saw Heaven. Obviously I came back but it was to help people come closer to God. God wants us to be nice. He wants us to be kind to each other, so why don’t you do so? I saw what Heaven is like. I’ve been there and want you men who have so much hatred in your hearts to change your ways so you can go to Heaven too. It’s beautiful there and you will want to go. Please be kinder and ask God to help you recover from whatever it is you are hurting from. God will help you and you will be better, happier men and will live a more fulfilling life. I really hope you change so you can go to Heaven like I did.

    • Tyler says:

      So “heaven” is what you call the psycho-trauma ward where people who claim they’re in heaven or that they’re Elvis Presley are committed to after suffering such severe brain damage?
      And you were healthy enough to be released from that mental hospital in the end? Or are you typing this during the 30-minutes daily time limit that the doctors let you on the internet?
      And you still used some of that time to go on this site and praise us men?
      God bless you. I hope you get to come back some day and read this message. And be sure to take your medication too! And thank the nurse who has to clean out your bedpan.

    • Jim Profit says:

      God also told women to shut the fuck up as they caused original sin, gave man his SON to die for our sins, was the OG man, and up and a man’s word is second only to God’s. So you just committed blasphemy. Enjoy hell stupid. Men are better than women.

  9. Gertrude says:

    But maybe the world would be better off without females, because then you would cease to exist as well? Food for thought. Your points aren’t valid, and logically make no sense. Oops you were just outsmarted by a woman. Does it hurt?

    • monteboss says:

      where did you outsmarted him? in your fairy tells?

    • Jim Profit says:

      Men are already working on ways to genetically engineering fetui. We don’t even need women for baby production anymore. Not that they do a great job at it to begin with. Oooh, they lay around eating for nine months. What a hard job. Better cuck some more husbands, cry, bitch, and even get an abortion halfway through. Being a woman is too hard!

      So man is using his superior intellect to develop alternatives to some ignorant slut carrying the human race for nine months. Which is the only thing they do and literally call it a miracle. The only miracle is a woman working.

      After that what will women be around for? To fuck? Only if we get rid of that whole “consent” diatribe. If we don’t, we should just shoot women in the head. Trannies are better looking anyway. They make sure to stay thin and apply makeup well. Men are better than women even at being women.

  10. Gertrude says:

    And honey…… When you are trying to offend someone, in your case the entire female population, make sure you get a few years of education under your belt. You might then appear a tiny bit more educated when arguing your oh so valid points. Just a friendly tip ;)

    • lvnv99 says:

      Get a name that wasn’t last popular in the 19th century. Only shriveled up old ladies and livestock are named Gertrude. Just a friendly tip :>(

  11. Gertrude says:

    My satisfaction comes from knowing that you will forever be sad, alone and never feel loved by anyone. The pain of having to live inside your own head with the thoughts and feelings you have should be torture enough. This page expresses a lot of emotions and vulnerability. Something which you thought only weak females expressed? Explain that. May you find peace in the world, and forgive the woman who hurt you as a child. For they made you insecure and vulnerable to the world.

    • Jim Profit says:

      So you wish him suffering, but than say he should find peace and forgive cunts like you? Why? How? What?

      You’re fucking stupid. You better have your mouth around a dick in five seconds or I’m calling someone to beat and or rape you for being so worthless.

  12. “I’ve heard a woman call algebra number racism. That’s profoundly stupid.” HAHAHAHAHAH the jokes write themselves

  13. Gav says:

    What a quality fucking website.
    Me being a man, I always like to employ fair logic to an argument. So to try and get both sides to a story, I went off to look for an equivalent womenarebetterthanmen website…but you know what? It doesn’t exist. I can conclude several things from that –
    1 – Women are too lazy to create it
    2 – Women are too stupid to learn how to use the man invention of the internet and go on to create a website
    3 – Women are too busy performing other useless activities

    The only reason I have a woman in my life is to clean up all the shit that I leave behind me. Cook me food in order to fuel my super man muscles. Something for me to fuck. To procreate with in order to further on my super man genes.

    • justoneofthosesluts says:

      No. It’s because we put our time and effort into more important things than making the self-congratulatory websites this man has made to distract himself from his pitiful, pointless existence.

    • Gertrude says:

      Super man muscles? Eat your vegetables so you can grow big and strong like Popeye little boy.

    • Haha says:

      My mouth is only for sucking cocks.

  14. Males are inferior. says:

    Women are and always have been better than men. :) They’re more attractive and men are just walking penises to be used for fucking and money. After you take all the money from a man discard him. Throw away garbage when you’re done with it. Hopefully, afterwards they shoot out their brains like my ex did.

  15. anybody says:

    I think Dick is sexy. I’d be honored to suck his cock.

    • Guywithbrowneyes says:

      All women sleep around.

      • anybody says:

        jesus christ – you cant win!! one minute were being told to bow down and sleep around with men the next were being called sluts !!! leave off – its really sad make your mind up??? if we sleep with you were whores if we dont were stupid bitches?? it doesnt make sense??

      • Freddie says:

        That has been debunked a million times. Its women who choses to sleep around (wich isnt necessarily bad) and the reason women are being called sluts and whores is that all women trades sex for our money (they are just using men) wich makes them whores.

  16. Guywithbrowneyes says:

    All women sleep around. All women smoke. All women do drugs. They’re all the same.

  17. Just Wondering says:

    Why do you care who’s better or not? Why should it matter if they’re a man or a woman? Why are you putting so much time and effort into this? I just don’t get it. If people do bad things, it’s not a matter of gender, it’s a matter of just being people. There are bad people and good people. And sometimes, good people who do bad things, and bad people who do good things. The human race is a really big picture, but you are forcing a split right in the middle and pushing in so much hate. Why?

    • Freddie says:

      Women do bad things because of their gender. We are not talking about random idiots doing shitty thing, they are the exceptions. Its about the shit made cuz of their biology. And now we come into the point of this article. Just because women dont agree (even though its facts so there is nothing to agree are disagree with, but women are emotional) people will label it as hate. The whole website is truths disguised as jokes.

  18. Samuel says:

    This site is hilarious for several reasons!
    1. Fantastic Poe.
    2. If not a Poe, still a fantastic Poe.
    3. Watching people agree with a Poe (can’t stop giggling when that happens).
    4. It furthers women’s rights and elevates women’s issues by the law of Backlash Effect (due to being a Poe – see Phelps and the domino effect of homosexual marriage laws).

    I wholeheartedly support this site and the author’s endeavors. Cheers!

  19. Thatoneguy says:

    Every single person that commented on this, excluding me obviously, are fucking idiots. Dick Masterson is a master troll, and you people are gullible as fuck. Can you people legitimately not detect the obvious trolling here? Ugh. Must be a bunch of feminists.

    • Modus Pwnens says:

      No, he’s not. Even if he were, he’s not acting. This is really him and he even accepts it. Or are you gullible enough to think he is a troll?

      • guy says:

        I know you hate to admit you’re wrong, but it’s true. This site is hilarious satire nothing to get in a twist about. Have you even researched who this Dick Masterson really is? Spend 3 or 4 minutes doing minimal investigating and it should be plainly obvious. If you still can’t figure it out don’t whine or moan at me. Just ask and il give you references.

      • Oliver says:

        But sadly most of the people commenting on it aren’t trolling.

      • guy says:

        That may be true, i don’t know. But should this site be shut down because some people are too retarded to see this for what it really is?

      • Nordel says:

        I don’t think you know what a troll is. This site is satire in that it exaggerates things to the furthest and most ludicrous depths that they can go. It’s like taking a true statement and taking it to it’s most logical and extreme conclusion. It’s really quite brilliant the way he does it.