All Women Are Worse Than Rapists

Are rapists who are men really that bad? Yes. They’re evil.

But are they worse than regular women?


Your average woman and also every other woman who considers herself to be above average or special in some dumb fuck way, has less self-control, less manners, and less charisma than a rapist.

Think about it like a man for a moment. Even a serial rapist has followed his most selfish instincts a mere dozen times at most. There was an attractive woman and he decided to have sex with her non-consensually. He had the impulse and he acted on it. Remind you of anyone? Yes it does. Women.

Women ruin lives on impulse all the time. They fuck credit scores; they fuck their husband’s best friends; they fuck pleasant conversations. And they do so free and clear of the legal system.

By the way, obviously I’m not counting all the cases of rape involving drunk women or women I like to call “U-Turners” who change their minds halfway through. Where the fuck did she think this train was going? Make Out City? I don’t think so. If women want to call that rape, they’re just raping the word rape by cheapening it’s real meaning.

The point is, your average man rapist has only acted on these selfish instincts once or twice. That’s nothing compared to women! Entire industries are built on women and their shitty self-control. Shoes, purses, divorce courts; they are all sustained on the inability of women to cope with any reality at all. That reality, my man friends, is that you are part of a society and sometimes you need to shut the fuck up so someone else can speak. People have rights. Don’t shit all over them.

Everyone knows women have periods that make them act like raging cunts for like 10 days out of every month, but did you know they also have miniature hormone attacks which make them behave similarly for periods or five or ten minutes throughout the day? If you work with women, you probably did know. All I’m saying is that the day women can not get so fucking offended and mouthy and emotional about everything is the day any of them can cast judgment about rape or rapists in general. For the time being, us men will continue taking care of it since we did decide it was wrong in the fucking first place.

Women have no idea what self-control is. Can you imagine if women were men? Rape would increase ten fold overnight!

Actually, I bet that’s exactly why women get so bent the fuck out of shape about rape. It’s like when a formerly fat girl overreacts to fat jokes aimed at someone else or a former stripper won’t watch Striptease even though it’s not a very good movie. It’s called hypersensitivity or “hitting too close to home”. Whatever it’s called, it means you’re right and she’s wrong.

If women really hate rape so much, then why is the first argument they always haphazardly spit out of their mouths: “Without women, none of you men would even be here!”

Take a trip down History Lane, sweetheart. Without rape, none of you twits would be here either.