Anorexia? Manorexia

Anorexia Nervosa has been a big problem for women for decades. It should be about ten times bigger than it is though. What good is a woman who isn’t at least trying to be skinny as fuck?

Granted all men’s tastes are different and of equal value, but it’s obvious to me as a man the natural inclination for women is squewed toward big fat fuck — and that I have a problem with. So what do women do? Stop eating?

No. Women can’t even do that right.

Anorexia is such a bunch of overblown horseshit. There’s absolutely no problem with not eating anything — especially not eating Frappacinos, cupcakes, and pies. Women just fuck it all up like they fuck everything up.

‘I’ll show men,’ they say. ‘Men want me to be skinny? I’ll starve myself to death.’

Brilliant fucking move, ladies.

You know some men in the army are trained not to eat for like a week. That’s true. For all you know I have many friends in the armed services and I also heard something about it on a commercial.

Anorexia is not a problem for men because when men do it, it takes the form of something I call Manorexia. That’s when a man opts to not eat a second lunch or skips breakfast because he’s too busy kicking ass at work to fuck around with a bunch of eggs and bacon — even though that’s one of the manliest meats there is. Manorexia is also when you’re stationed somewhere with your squadron and you have enough supplies for 5 days, but you’ve been there 11 days to get the fucking job done. That’s what the army commercial I was talking about said, and goddamn if it doesn’t get me hard every time I see it.

Does everyone flip out about that shit? Are there any after school specials about skipping breakfast and how it gives you slightly bad breath until lunch time? No. Are there any organizations set out to spread awareness of drinking until you throw up the bag of Cheetos you ate for dinner? No. That’s Man-bulimia and no one gives a fuck about it.

Women have problems with their self-image. So the fuck what. If we made a list of all the problems women have with all the things in the world, it would look like Santa’s and half of it would contradict the other half.

‘I have problems with my self-image!’
‘Also I hate how men always stare at my hot body!’
‘Why is it that halter tops cost more than T-shirts! There’s less shirt!’

It’s hard to contradict yourself twice, but there you have it. The female trinity of wrongness.

Besides, men have always had problems with their self-image as well. Bullshit! I’m totally joking! No man has ever given a shit about what he looks like. That’s why we wear flannel and grow beards and moustaches and have since the beginning of time. Because we know all that counts is what’s on the inside.

Women are just superficial bitches who think they can solve problems by flushing them down the toilet.