Children Are Not Pinatas

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Child abuse is one of the most shepugnant acts of violence known to man. It’s wrong for the same reason it’s wrong to beat up crippled people. They can’t fight back. That’s also why it’s wrong for fat ladies to squeeze themselves into anything that couldn’t be packaged and resold as a tent. No one can fight that.

There should be no size 4, 6, or 8. If you can’t fit into a 2, cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag and throw yourself away.

All women suffer from a form of female narcissistic personality disorder, FNPD for short. Here are a summary of the symptoms:

1. Being loud and obnoxious.
2. Speaking when they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.
3. Beating the shit out of children.

That sums up every woman in the world.

Also: can’t drive for shit.

In the wild animal kingdom, mothers eat their babies all the time. Hamsters do it. So do fe-weasels and woman-guinea pigs. One of my friends had some gerbils when we were younger and it happened right in front of our very own eyes.

Men are better than women.

In a recent study, it was discovered that the wives of American soldiers are twice as likely to beat their kids and four times as likely to neglect them while their husbands are overseas fighting for the freedoms that make that kind of atrocious behavior possible. The neglect I can understand. Women would forget to feed themselves if men weren’t around to take them out. But the abuse?

Just like putting them on a leash, having a man around keeps women in line.

Here are some government statistics that will send you running to the pet store.

Women are 36% more likely to abuse children than men.
41% of child abuse victims were maltreated by mothers acting alone, compared to a low and manly 19% for fathers.
In the age range of 20 to 29, women are twice as likely than men to abuse their children.

Anyone with a penis will tell you that the younger women are, the more abusive and dumber they are. If teenagers had kids more often, child abuse would be so prevalent there would be no more racism. Everyone would just be black and blue.

Here are the results of a study I financed and undertook personally.

100% of women’s bodies turn to shit after they give birth.

I have a friend who would have been a pro footballer except late in a pre-season game, he blew his knee out. It was never the same and he blamed this blown knee for his ruined football career.

Now, if he had had absolutely no other prospects in life, and if he could have given birth to that knee, he might have smacked it around. However, as women so frequently and arrogantly remind us, men can’t give birth.

Men are better than women.

If women were my friend, football was their bodies, and grinning idiot kids were the weak knee that ended an illustrious career as a third stringer, the reasons for women and their out of control child abuse become painfully obvious.

When women aren’t thinking about their ridiculous sexual fantasies, they spend their day either beating children or thinking about beating children. That violence is all they have left after giving birth to a football that ruins their vaginas and turns their C-cups into tube socks. That’s why women in their 20’s beat children at remarkably higher rates. At that age, they have the most to lose.

Just because women can have babies doesn’t mean they should, and it definitely doesn’t mean they should raise them. We don’t put cops in prison. We don’t give fat kids schoolbooks printed on donuts. We don’t dress up in Bid Bird costumes, beat the fuck out of some German shepherds and then drop them off at a kid’s party.

It’s reckless and insane.

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