Katie’s Revenge? Or Man Revenge

If you pay attention to the news like a man does — and I know you do because you’re a man, then you’ve heard about the case of poor Anthony Stockelman.

Stockelman is serving a life sentence in Indiana, America for the molestation and murder of a 10 year old girl.

I can only imagine what would have become of him in a prison of women. He probably would have been taught how to knit or how to believe in Tantric yoga or some other bullshit where women just run their fucking mouths for hours on end and then give themselves a medal when they’re done. Stockelman was in a man’s prison though, so he was beaten and tattooed across the forehead with the words KATIE’S REVENGE.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you proud to be a man.

Women have no concept of justice; either making it or dispensing it. Have you ever seen the show Super Nanny? Not one single mother on that show knows what the fuck she’s doing and that is the standard fare when it comes to the household.

Let me ask you a question. Do you let the guy who builds your house decorate it? That burly man, man with the tool belt and the man ass crack? Do you let him or someone who looks like him tidy up after a party? Fucking no. Just because he built the house doesn’t mean he knows shit about cleaning or developing it. Same goes for women and children.

“But, Dick! On those shows it’s always the father not spending enough time at home.”

That’s true. I’m not going to argue with anyone who says men are better than women and that definitely says that. It is the man’s fault the little bastards are out of control. It’s his fault for making money to put food in their bellies instead of teaching them how not to hit. It’s his fault for setting the invaluable example of taking care of man business that makes him too busy to get some children dressed for fucking school. For fuck’s sake.

The point is no woman has ever enacted an appropriate level of justice on anyone who deserved it. It’s like women are missing the organ that tells them when something is cool and when it deserves a rubber-hose beating and forehead tattooing. That gland is either called the brain or the penis. I’m not sure which is funnier.

Whatever happened to that woman who molested all those 13-year-old boys? Debra Lefave? Did she get her forehead tattooed? No because women are cowards.

Man Action Committee