Are Women Smarter Than Horses?

There’s one thing that women are better than men at. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. Women are much better than men at being dumb. But for some reason this fact is hard to prove.

Every day — or thousands of times a day — women go back to abusive spouses or hit Reply To All on an office email even though the buttons are clearly fucking labeled and that is obviously not the right one to press. We men can all agree that those are equally and hugely dumb things to do. However, in this modern and woman-age of double-think and double-speak and no accountability and all other manners of female bullshit, the evidence of the kind I’ve just described is not “evidence” per se. It doesn’t get the job done. And as men, that’s what we’re worried about at all times. Getting the job done.

What we would need in order to say for certain that women are better than men at being dumb is some kind of broad study that says very explicitly:


And says so with statistics. We’re men after all. When we prove something we do it with facts and numbers of concrete, not opinions and whining like a meandering teenage girl. Unfortunately, it’s not every day that facts and numbers like these come along.

Today is that day.

Doctors Paul Irwin and Richard Lynn — both men and both British also so you know they don’t fuck about when it comes to talking about shit and knowing their shit before they open their mouths — that’s how British men behave. All men of different backgrounds and nationalities are great and better than all women, but they each have strong suits and unique abilities, like the A Team, or the Smurfs. These two Britons have just published some findings about the Quotient of Intelligence that women all over Earth will find way fucking surprising and men will not.

Here’s what they found.


But not because they’re bad drivers or because they get pregnant at the drop of a dime without a job or because they can’t keep a car maintained to save their lives or because not one woman ever has successfully completed a simple fucking crossword puzzle without the help of a man; this time the proof is in the stats.

  • Women are, on average, 5 IQ points stupider than men.
  • Twice as many men than women have an IQ of over 125.
  • A Genius (IQ of 155+) is 85% more likely to be a man.

It’s obviously because our brains are bigger.

Seriously, with stats like that is it any wonder that the Chinese have such a huge problem with too many female babies? That country obviously needs the help of a smart populace of men and everyone should do their part. Just like recycling — which, as a man, I am against. There’s nothing more manly than wasting things, especially resources.

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