Men Won The 70’s

Men are better than women at everything, but doesn’t that also mean men used to be better than women at everything?

Yes it does. Men are better than women at the 70’s.

Let’s take a trip in the Way Back Manchine to a time of Disco dancing and Pet Rocks and when Jenny from Forrest Gump was busy getting herself a whopping case of AIDS — likely due to intravenous drug use or unprotected sex. That was typical woman behavior in the 70’s.


In the 70’s, aviator glasses were all the rage for men. And look at that, they are still going strong today. So are mustaches. Mustaches are timeless. Men don’t dress themselves up like jackasses just because that’s what all their friends are doing in any decade. If you turn back the clock to any random year, you will see men looking classy every which way. Women, however, always look like they got separated from the rest of the freak show.

70’s clothing for women meant bizarre catsuits and hot pants with no embroidery on the ass. Hard to imagine I know. Gypsy Blouses, fucking Banana Jeans, The Bedazzler! Each women’s fashion item of the 70’s was as tacky and cheap-shit looking as the last. We had a saying in the seventies: you are what you wear.


Dancing is about style and rhythm and motherfucking grace. Men love to dance. It’s a common misconception that we don’t. Shit, we invented it. Men just don’t like to dance when it involves standing around looking like a schmuck and not drinking a drink for twenty minutes. Put some style into it and get all the women the fuck off the dance floor; then you’ll have yourself a real cockfight.

Unless they’re taking their clothes off, women can’t dance for shit. Go research some of the dance steps used in the 70’s. If you think women can remember instructions of that magnitude, then why don’t you just call the government and tell them to arrest you for massive tax fraud. I would say “then why don’t you just let a woman do your taxes,�? but phoning in the fuck-up is faster.

Equal Rights Fucking Amendment

Boy was that an embarrassment. The Equal Rights Amendment was like if Babe Ruth had walked out to the plate, pointed to center field, and then shit his pants.

The only thing women did right in the 70’s was discover Anorexia.