Miracle Cure for ED

I heard about something called ED last night. Apparently that stands for Erectile Dysfunction and it’s a problem for some fabricated percentage of men.

It should be called SW not ED. That stands for Shitty Wife because if you have ED, there’s a 100% chance that you also have an SW or perhaps an ESW.

Performance problems have never been the man’s fault. Let me ask some man questions; if your house falls apart because the builder forgot to put nails in, whose fault is that? If you don’t know, there’s a bus full of lawyers somewhere willing to help you figure it out. If you go to a work related picnic and you remembered to bring the cups, but everyone else forgot to bring all the food whose fault is that? It’s not fucking yours. You did everything you were supposed to. You showed up with the stack of cups. Now people don’t have to drink out of their hands like fucking monkies.

ED is entirely women’s fault. I can prove it because there has never been a happily married man with ED.

That’s a trick man-question though isn’t it? There has never been a happily married man period so that doesn’t prove shit. Marriage is a stupid and silly thing and the man mind rejects it on general principle.

Women are the missing nails in a house that’s falling apart. Women are the lack of pastrami at an otherwise pleasant work related picnic. In the bedroom, women are the problem.

With that in mind, I’ve developed a miracle cure for Erectile Dysfunction. I call it:

Cheat On Your Wife or Girlfriend: Dick’s Miracle Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

If something inside your man-gut tells you that’s wrong, it’s merely your mighty man-conscious trying to fix something that’s broken in the world by fixing it in you. That’s how men do it. We lead by example. Fuck everything and everyone else. Have you ever heard of Ghandi? No woman can even understand what he did.

The truth is there’s no such thing as Cheating. It’s not a vice. It’s a natural thing. In fact it’s Father Nature’s way of telling you you have the debilitating syndrome of SW — a Shitty Wife.

If you’ve got SW, it’s because your wife is cheating on you anyway. All women are cheating whores and she’s no exception. She might not be cheating on you with another guy, but she’s probably cheating on you with her career; or she’s cheating on you with her stupid friends who hate the fuck out of her; or she’s cheating on you with her precious fucking television shows and gabbing on the phone with her mother for two hours a night. Whatever it is, it’s fucked.

Women aren’t courageous enough or smart enough (or at all) to go against their inner nature — which is a sorry, passive, and animalistic one. Men are. That’s why we see cheating in all these different forms as bad.

It’s the Miracle Cure for ED though. I put a 30-Day Guarantee on that motherfucker.