Women Don’t Want a Black Man in the White House

I’m disgusted by prejudice against men of all kinds.

Prejudice against women is common sense. They’re no good at anything. Of course it’s okay to be prejudiced against them. It’s okay to be prejudiced against throwing your money into the sewer for the same reason.

Men are better than women.

Hillary Clinton has no chance in hell of becoming the next president of the United States. The only reason she’s running is because women don’t want a black man in the White House.

Women are legendary for their racism.

I asked seven women with young children if they would rather have a white girl or a black man watch their child. None of them responded. Why would a woman not respond to that question unless she had a virulent case racism?

Women didn’t end segregation. Men did. The same goes for slavery and apartheid.

Nelson Mandela? He was a man.

There’s no good reason for Hillary Clinton to be running for president. Victoria Claflin Woodhull already proved that women can’t become president and shouldn’t be in charge of shit when she ran for the White House in 1872. She suffered a massive failure.

What other lesson could Hillary be trying to shove down our throats?

Things haven’t changed much for women in the last 125 years. They can still own property but not afford it, they still marvel endlessly about their cycles, and they still can’t become president no matter how many women have sucked their husband’s dick.

It takes a young man about two months to get tired of shaving his face for the first time. Every time a woman has her period, from 15 to 50, it’s like she’s discovered the continent of Femerica for the first time: the land of the free lunches and the home of endless complaining.

A woman not wanting a black man to babysit her child is like a man not wanting some Latinos to wash his car. That’s racist. People of all colors can wash my car. I don’t care who does it as long as the job gets done.

A man of any color — especially a half-color, has just a good a shot at being president as any other man. We’re all men. We’ve all been punched in the mouth for something, we’ve all had to be more careful while walking around little kids who might accidentally knock us in the nuts, and we’ve all had to negotiate with and tolerate the most annoying, fraudulent, and self-sabotaging creatures on Earth for something we want.


Unlike women, a black man can be president just as well as a white man. Shit, have you ever had an argument with a black woman? Get through one of those with your nuts and you’re qualified to talk the Gaza Strip into renaming itself Christopia.

24 was a massive success with a black president while Geena Davis’ show didn’t even complete a single season. What does that tell you?

It tells me that the only reason Hillary Clinton is running for president is to ruin a black man’s chances of doing the same. It’s like a young boy eating all the sugar in the house when his mother is trying to bake some dessert. Nice work, you prick. Now no one gets to eat cupcakes.

If you’re drunk and swinging a hammer around your head like a maniac, the reason you’re doing that is to break a bunch of shit. It doesn’t matter what you think your reasons are. If you have a vagina and you’re running for president, the reason you’re doing that is to ruin something.

The real question is what.