More Fun With Prison — and Tyra Banks

Prison is not a nice place. That’s why I would think women love it in there. They always suspect that everyone’s out to screw them anyway. Their mindset is perfect for the Big House. Plus women are annoying.

But why was I not surprised to hear about Oprah v2.0 hawking horseshit about how unfair it is for women to be in prison on television

To regain the thousand Man Points I just lost by implying that I watch or have ever watched either the Oprah show or the Tyra Banks show, let me clarify:

I have never fucking watched either The Oprah Show or The Tyra Banks show.

The closest I have ever come to watching either was during Married With Children where Al was forced to watch an entire Oprah marathon for some perfectly believable reason. I think the episode ended plausibly as well — in which Al and all the other men around got unfairly screwed somehow and had to shut the fuck up about it before taking their asses to work the next day.

Without men all television shows would be soap operas with drama and bullshit getting dragged around the season like anchors of shame with no payoff. Thank God for men, or else we wouldn’t have a reason to watch TV.

I’m posting a link at the end of this article that will take you to a small write up of a recent Tyra Banks show. Tyra Banks is a — actually, if you don’t know who Tyra Banks is, just walk away. Don’t read any more of this and walk away because you are in the lucky minority of Earthlings. If you’re one of the brave man-types who doesn’t give a fuck about talking risks or looking back, read on.

Good to see all of you still here. Tyra Banks is a woman’s masochistic, life-coach, wet dream. She’s got the brains (none) and hare-brained, male-bashing reasoning powers of Oprah, with the body of a poster that says “Hey women, you’re a bunch of fucking fatties!” and the arrogance and pomposity to believe she has any right to speak for women everywhere. There’s only one person who has the right to speak for women everywhere and that’s the man they’re married to or who paid for 23 years of their room and board. If that’s not you, shut the fuck up.

Tyra Banks thinks men put women in prison.

“I wanted to do [a show on women in prison] because I was shocked to learn that the majority of women in prison are there because of their husbands or their boyfriends.” – Tyra Banks

No matter where you set the bar, women will knock it over. You could bury it, but they’ll come along with a back hoe and offer you sexual favours for pretending to teach them how to use it for ten minutes while they pretend to try and understand it and then just let you give up entirely and do the whole fucking thing yourself — digging up the bar, letting them knock it over, etc.

Women are not in prison because of men, you stupid cunt. Women are in prisons because a jury convicted them of crimes and then sentenced them to prison. Don’t they teach that shit in Modeling School?

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