Women Have Lead For Brains

Recently a woman was shot six times in the head and none of the bullets penetrated her skull.

What a fucking surprise I said to the television who told me about it. The pen is supposedly mightier than the sword, right? If something as powerful as an idea can’t penetrate the invulnerable layer of a woman’s particle board skull, what makes anyone think a fucking bullet could?

Women are like cockroaches. Their stupid opinions could survive a nuclear holocaust.

Here’s a fun mantivity that proves all the points I’ve ever made. In a matter of seconds, think of a question no woman can answer. You’re a man, so that should be easy for you. You probably think of several hundred every day without even realising it.

Here’s an example:

What the fuck happened to the television?

You can substitute whatever you want for ‘the television’. Usually your particular blank will have electronics in it, but it could easily be ‘our marriage’ or ‘your ass’. The point is a woman fucked it up when you weren’t looking. She also won’t be able to answer that question.

Now here’s the game: just keep repeating the question. Women are in their own little worlds of denial and delusion; and just like a bunch of bullets your words will completely fail to penetrate the thick mantle of a woman’s brain shell.

If you can’t explain something to a woman using crayons and construction paper, don’t bother. You’re firing blanks.

Literally (Figuratively though)