Doctor? I Hardly Knew Her!

If there’s one thing that women can’t do as well as men more than anything else, it’s be a doctor.

Men have been being doctors since the beginning of time. Thousands of men throughout history have devoted their lives to it in such a way that the wake of their mantastic sacrifices reverberate all throughout history — which is every man’s true goal.

Every woman’s true goal is to make everyone around her sorry for everything they ever fucking did.

First let me be clear on something. A doctor is someone who deals in medicine, prescriptions, surgery — things of a medical nature for which an expensive education and a government licensed certification are required. Things that do not make you a doctor are dealings in: yoga, herbs, Feng Shui, massage therapy, tons other bullshit. This is an important distinction to make because women are good at all those things. Women are attracted to that kind of feel good, new age, weirdo malarkey like flies to pigs and pigs to shit. However, while they may be good at them, none of those things have any kind of medical use or purpose — except to waste time.

They don’t make you a goddamn doctor either. That’s why there’s no abbreviation for guru, like Gr. Bobby Sinclair. You can touch your ankle to the back of your head? That’s great, but the state medical board doesn’t give a shit and neither does anyone with a broken ass.

Being a doctor is a high pressure job where lives hang in the balance every day and one fuck up can cost you even worse — millions of dollars. High pressure? Have you ever seen a women drive a car to a sporting event? Good luck, she won’t ever do it because the extreme pressure of waiting in a fucking line and letting dickheads cut her off would make her head explode. Watch a woman drive in traffic. The moment she senses any pressure at all — and I mean any, something as simple as changing lanes — she crumbles like a card house built out of Graham crackers.

When it comes to pressure, women are a complete joke. Women can handle pressure as well as they handle giving birth — pathetically and while looking for the nearest man to scream at and/or physically abuse the whole time.

I’m sure I don’t even need to say that being a doctor also requires logic and problem solving skills. Women have none of those. The only thing women should be doing in a hospital is wearing nurse outfits. That doesn’t mean they should be nurses either, just wear the outfits.