Isn’t This Hate Speech?

Anything women don’t understand, they label hate speech. Astoundingly, they’ve done just that very thing with this website and had it forcibly removed from several webhosts.

I’ve heard a woman call algebra number racism. That’s profoundly stupid.

Women are banned from not only because they’re annoying as fuck and the logical knots that I, Dick Masterson, tie around the million viper-like heads of feminism would make their fragile little heads explode — and get glitter and donkey shit all over the place; but women are also banned because they’re fascists.

Fascism has no place in a free society nor in the free exchange of ideas. Women should think about that while they’re enjoying their halter tops and Frappaccinos instead of burkas and knuckle-rappings. They don’t of course. They’re women. They’re not designed to think. They’re only designed to bitch.

Women’s response to everything is to cut your dick off. They don’t actually do it because they have no balls — metaphorical or literal balls, it doesn’t matter because it’s the same fucking thing; but that’s what they’re thinking.

Disagree with a woman?

Off with his penis!

Don’t open a door for a woman?

Oh wow, off with that penis!

Open a door for a woman?

Are you kidding? Get that penis right off!

Women are the twice digested, pillow sized burrito that would forever clog up the toilet of free speech if it weren’t for men and our eternal vigilance. is not hateful every or in any way. In fact, you can’t find a single phrase on this site that is hateful in nature or promotes hate.

I take that back. You can find plenty of hate on this site.

There are thousands of comments from women (who are not fucking allowed here in the first place because of their donkey shit, glitter brains) littering this site making dick-chopping threats and otherwise spewing hate with such a vengeance that it makes me mourn for the children.

Who are teaching these children? Why, it’s none other than the same hateful swine whose answer to everything is to whip out the Wiener Guillotine.

Poor women: so confused and so grossly incompetent. I suppose we should mourn for them as well.

Men are better than women.