An Evening With Dick: Part 1

These questions were sent to me by rio, a woman. It is my hope that fielding these woman-questions will dissuade women from trouncing all over this site like they’re welcome. They’re not. Perhaps they will find some outlet in simply reading and re-reading these questions. Or perhaps by making up their own questions and then reading my answers in order, like children with painting by numbers activity books.

1-5. Tell me about yourself.

I’m not going to answer specific questions about my life as it compromises the generality of my being a man and sharing with other men that as men we are better than women. That’s the scope of this site and that’s what’s important here. I also find the purposeless sharing of trivial details about one’s life, for example: are your parents married; to be a womanly thing and therefore beneath my manliness.

6. Did you always feel that women were inferior then man?

Yes. Knowing that men are better than women — and its corollary, that women are annoying and rabid donkeys — is the wild card of progression in a man’s life. It could come when a man gets his driver’s license and has to deal with women and their penis-envy fueled hysteria first hand. It could come when a man lands his first job and has to pick up the slack of his female co-workers seamlessly and with no thanks other than a greater wage — which is all he needs.

For me, however, I learned the lesson long before any of those.

7. When did you start the web site How did you come up with the idea?

I’ve answered that in the Maniversary Origins article. Try doing a little research before jumping into an interview. That’s the first step to being a man after all: knowing what the fuck you’re doing.

8. There is a number on the web site “102844 total” is this a number of how many members you have or how many people have visited your web page?

It’s the number of visitors to the site. On the internet, that’s commonly referred to as a “counter”. It’s similar to the numbers on a cash register except with people instead of some man’s money.

9. Are most of the people who post regularly your friends or are they people who find/hear of the web site?

I consider any man who reads or post on my site regularly to be one of my friends. That’s also part of being a man. Having the ability to bond naturally over positive experiences. That’s why men can go from a bout of fisticuffs to exchanging a pint and a story about how a woman fucked them over. Pugilism, after all, is a good and manly thing. Women will never understand this.

13. How many girl friends have you had?

If you mean, “how many women have I had close or intimate relationships with because to label any such woman as a ‘girlfriend’ is both childish and demeaning,” then I would say quite a few. If you mean, “how many friends who are girls have I had,” then I feel even more man-pity for you as that childish mindset is going to earn you some fucking horrible relationships with men as you grow older. And when I say “fucking horrible” I mean fucking horrible for them. You, as a selfish attention whore, will love it.

14. Do you tell every woman you date about the web site and your predigest?

I’m certain “predigest” is not a word, but otherwise, my friends usually beat me to it. Additionally, one of the many uses I have seen from the free cards I give out is other men claiming to run the site. It’s a little harmless fun that’s resulted in a happy night on at least one occasion.

15. Does your mother know about it? What would she or does she think of it?

My mother is a strong and graceful woman. She doesn’t waste her time on things that upset her. A lot of you maniacal harpies could learn a thing or two from her example.

16. Obviously you do not agree with the feminist movement, should women work at all? If so should they be entitled to the same jobs as men?

Feminism isn’t the problem, it’s women. Women use silly and pointless words like “should” and “entitled” when what they should be doing is keeping their fucking mouths shut. Some women will work. It’s part of a society. Some women are ugly and can’t land a husband. Fair enough. Get a job, Uggo. Fuck, some women even enjoy working. Take being a teacher. Being a teacher is practically being unemployed (something that women love) so of course they enjoy that vocation.

The point of it is this: women aren’t as good as men at their jobs. And that’s a fact. Employers can hire women for their sex appeal, but in all other respects they’re getting a substandard producer.

“Entitlement” is more sexist than anything I’ve ever said in my entire life.

17. A man and a woman’s brain have the same space and ability proven by countless studies. In what way do they differ according to you? Is it purely hormonal or is it something else?

That’s completely fucking false.

18. Do you think that women have the potential to be as good as men, but are held back because they lack will power? Or are they simple not able to reach a mans greatness.

Comparing men and women is like comparing apples and oranges. Unfortunately for women, life is an apple pie. Women cannot and will not ever be as good as men. Nothing they ever do in the entire spectrum of history will ever earn them respect from men.

20. Marilyn vos Savant is listed in the Guinness book of world records for highest IQ. What do you think about this? If men are better than women are, then how is it that the smartest scientifically proven person in the world is a woman?



21. What do you think of G. W. Bush? Do you agree with the war and the education of Middle Eastern women?

That’s an entirely different can of worms more suited to the Politik section of the Man Forums. I will say this though: however you feel about them, you have to admit the Middle East did get a few things right when it comes to women. When you get over your righteous woman-indignation, ask a man to explain why.

thank you for taking the time to answer these questions