Women Comment Here Because They Want to Fuck Me.

Women are forbidden from this entire site. They’re forbidden from reading the articles here. They’re forbidden from commenting here. And most of all, they are forbidden from sending me bitchy emails about either of those rules.

So why the fuck do they?

The reason why they’re forbidden is simple: women do not have the man-brain capacity to understand the truth, which is what this site is. Trying to fit the answers these articles contain into a woman’s head is like trying to put ten pounds of shit in a one pound bag. You just end up breaking the poor, pretty little bag and getting shit all over the place.

Women can’t help themselves from reading these articles and posting responses to them — and then emailing me about it like they did something fucking good — because uncontrollably and inescapably they all want to fuck me.

It’s simple logic really. Every woman who comments starts out by insulting every woman I’ve ever been involved with — the implication being that she is better than them and that I should give women another chance, vis a vis her.

That’s like wearing something hot and getting way too drunk at a bar. It’s asking to get fucked whether she knows it or not.

Or they insult my penis size. That’s obvious reverse psychology; a reverse psychology so simplistic and backwards — so single-minded and rife with failure that it could only come from the mind of a woman.

“Your penis is small! P.S. Prove me wrong! Why the fuck else would I put my actual email address into the comment box of a website where I’m not welcome?”

P.S. Shut the fuck up.

Women respect a man’s ability to treat women like they deserve to be treated: like crap. It’s not something they can help, it’s biology. It’s why women like men who have shitloads of money — that means a better and more comfortable survival for them. It’s why women like men with nice shoes and nice cars — it means more money. Women like men who treat women poorly because listening to women and respecting their opinion is the only sure-fire way known to man (besides opening a restaurant) to lose the one thing women treasure most: money.

What I’m saying is that all the women who participate in this site are hookers; not the money kind of hookers either, but the attention kind. I’ll let you decide which is worse.

Trick question! They’re one in the same.