There Should be a Women’s Olympics for Bitching.

There is a misnomer in our society to the tune of “household chores”. “Chores” imply that there is work that needs getting done. That makes sense, doesn’t it? In days of old, the man of the house would establish these chores and then divy them up to his clan. There would be no bullshit about this. My how times have changed for the worse.

Today’s “household chores” are merely a fabrication of women to invent things to endlessly bitch about.

It’s easy to see this with a simple comparison. Men love drinking beer. We love it because beer is not only delicious for the mouth, but also for the mind. Because of that, we find creative excuses to drink it.

Baseball game on? Sure, drink a beer.
Anyone want to go bowling? You betcha, how about a beer too? Yes, in fact.
Does today end in a “-day”? How about that, it does. That must mean it’s okay to drink in the workplace.

For women it’s exactly the same. Except not with beer, with brow-beating and nagging. They love bitching about meaningless nonsense just like we men love treating ourselves to a nice, cold can of suds.

Similarly, they’ll invent creative excuses to wallow around in their naggery. Excuses like completely empty goddamn pizza boxes left on the counter and bills not put into the bill drawer.

That’s a great idea. Nothing’s ever been lost in a drawer…except for everything.

I know that your first male instinct is to use this new knowledge to better understand a woman next time she is busting all balls within reach about some bullshit like shoes being left on the table. Don’t. Just accept that all women are wound up tighter than a Swiss watch and that they’re never going to change because they love it.

I don’t know about you men, but all this thinking has made me quite thirsty.