Dick vs. Psychologist #2

Apparently, I’m some kind of psychologist wet dream.

Psychology has been pandering to women since it’s inception. I’m not going to argue that talking about your “feelings” won’t cure what ails you — even though it definitely won’t. That’s a debate for another time. I’ll simply say that getting a fucking job and driving a motorcycle at incredible speeds is more fun, proven more successful at improving your mood, and less dangerous to your Man Points.

After my appearance on Dr. Phil, I was interviewed by a Dr. Rob, a clinical psychologist and a real man’s man. An excerpt of the interview is below. Head on over to ShrinkTalk.net for the full story.

5) I often see men in my practice who struggle with issues related to intimacy and commitment. I suspect you do as well. What do you believe is behind these difficulties?

“Issues” with intimacy and commitment are good things. I’m tired of this vagina-conspiracy targeting men and their perfectly honed instincts — which I call manstincts. “Intimacy” and “commitment” lead to one thing: marriage. Marriage is a 50/50 bet with everything a man owns — including any sex he may or may not be getting over the next ten years.

There should be neon signs in front of churches telling you to fuck off. A few emotional warning signs are your first line of defense against insanity.