Either Shut Up or Don’t — But Please Do

Women have a real problem when it comes to speaking. The problem is that they do it. If women could just keep their fucking mouths shut, they wouldn’t get into any trouble in the first place.

Say goodbye to wife battery, say goodbye to mugging probably, say goodbye to violence against women in general.

Women can’t shut the fuck up though. But you can’t ever hear them either, so what the fuck?

If you try to have a conversation with a woman anywhere but The Cone of Silence, you are completely fucked. Women mumble. They mumble in life like they mumble in their dreams. It’s just a bunch of half-assed meanderings and abortions that seem like sentences and thoughts, but aren’t.

It’s not because women have no confidence like you’d think at first. You’re a man after all and the simplest explanation is always the most correct one. We’re talking about women, however. That means the correct explanation is the one that’s as stupid as possible.

In order to have no confidence, you have to have some kind of notion of confidence. Women don’t so that’s right out the window. So is the fact that women don’t know what they’re talking about. When women don’t know what they’re talking about, they talk twice as loud. Fuck, the less a woman knows, the louder her voice gets. That’s why when they’re talking about relationships and fucking them up, you can hear them over a dinner party of 15 — and especially when it comes to the subject of sexual dysfunction.

The truth is women are offended you can’t read their minds. If you could they’d call you a pervert or a child molester or something like that. It doesn’t matter because it’s impossible anyway and as a man I don’t waste my time opining on impossible bullshit. Women are offended you can’t read their mind, so they talk as low as possible to punish you for it.

Women also mainly learn to speak while shopping. During shopping, you can’t walk around shouting and singing like you can on a playground or a pub. Shopping is bullshit. It’s not about living life or having fun in any way, but since women all hate themselves and each other, they grow up doing it.

Conclusion? Women are conditioned like dogs to mumble. Try teaching a dog not to sit when you say sit. You can’t. Just buy hearing aids or better yet ignore every fucking woman who ever opens her mouth. It’s not like anything worth a shit is going to come out.