Women Think Evolution And Eugenics Are the Same

Have you ever heard of a thing called evolution?

Of course you have. You’re a man and all men have heard of pretty much everything having to do with science; just ask your nearest man.

“Have you heard of such and such that has to do with science?”

“Yes. I’m pretty sure I have. Why don’t you tell me a little more about it.”


Evolution is a process in which crappy organisms — also plants — can become better as a result of getting killed off by saber tooth tigers and dinosaurs and such things. When the process is all over, you have creatures that glow in the dark, fish that change colours with their surroundings, and most impressively, man.

Notice that I said man and not woman. That’s because women have never fucking evolved.

Think about it. When primitive men went out to hunt, if they were too dumb to throw a spear or didn’t know how to hook up a simple VCR, then they got their heads bitten off. This isn’t the same way a women bites a man’s head off (by metaphorically castrating him in front of his friends) this is literally getting your head bitten off.

When men were out getting their heads bitten off, women were home trying to figure out how to fucking sew or some shit. I don’t know. I don’t fucking know what women do with their days in the present day. They have eight hours to kill while you and I are at work. Can you imagine what to do for eight fucking hours if it wasn’t make money? Well I can’t. I sure as shit can’t imagine it with no television or ability to speak.

So there you have it. The herd of women has never been weeded out. Since women didn’t have to evolve, women are still as fucking stupid as they’ve ever been.

Oh but wait. Women have evolved.

That’s right. Through a process of natural selection women have been weeded out for their appearance for millions of years.

Women can vote and horses can’t? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.