G.I. Joke

I assume all the men out there have seen the pictures of that US army woman behaving atrociously in some terrible looking part of the world. I’m betting you have because unlike women, men read and watch the news.

You may have seen the woman and not realized it. Army Girl looks exactly like an adolescent boy. She is in fact a woman. If a closer visual inspection doesn’t sufficiently verify this for you, just take a look at her actions: avoidance of responsibility, child-like sadism driven by penis envy, and looks awful in pictures.

If that’s not a woman plain as day, then I just don’t know what is.

If there is a better case for why women have absolutely no business in the armed services then I would like to know about it so I can write an additional essay on that. The crux of the matter remains fixed, however. Women shouldn’t be in the army because they have absolutely no concept of war.

Men know that war is a simple progression of debate. Once a diplomatic solution won’t pacify the situation, differences will be resolved via a bout of fisticuffs — be it nuclear or regular-style. Then we are all done with it and both sides go home happy.

Women, however, think of war like a divorce. It’s their chance to stick it to the bad guy. They’ll stop at absolutely nothing to cause as much pain as possible, no matter who suffers for it: men, children — even other women. Can you imagine such a sick mentality? It’s completely true though.

Lynndie England has been discharged I’m pretty sure, but that’s not enough. No way, no how. All politics aside, it won’t be enough until every woman is booted out of the army completely, with nothing to show for it but a duffle bag with the word “ARMY” crossed out with a Sharpie.

You can think of a million reasons why women shouldn’t be allowed within ten miles of a government facility. Here’s one, they can’t keep track of anything for longer than ten seconds. It seems like a fundamental misunderstanding of the process, civility, and general manliness of war would be tantamount to all these.