Greatness Comes in Inches

Greatness Comes in Inches. That’s a bit of subtle penis humor for you, but it’s also true.

Being an inch short for a roller coaster means waiting a year to try again. Missing Hitler by an inch with your 1903 Springfield sniper rifle means your kids are playing Wolfenstein with German keyboards. If the milkman had missed Lynne Spears’ vagina by an inch, there would be no Britney.

Anal is the only form of birth control shown to be 100% effective. Even abstinence failed once.

In the case of IQ, science has shown men to be smarter than women by mere inches. Even though women act like retarded monkeys, they don’t test like them. Still, what does “mere inches” actually look like? I’ll bet it’s fucking enormous.

That’s another bit of subtle penis humor for you.

Men have more grey matter in their brains than women. Man scientists proved it and I brought it to you like Moses under a hail of feminist denial. Men have statistically higher IQs and are statistically more often geniuses. Once again, man science proved it and I repeated it. I also shut that fat bitch’s yap on Dr. Phil.

Men are better than women.

The following graph is a combination of different studies done on adult intelligence. On average, men are five IQ points smarter than women. Male intelligence is also more widely distributed than women, meaning that men are more likely to vary from the average intelligence of 103. Women, with their ability to interpret everything wrong and in their favor, claim this wider distribution to be proof that men are more often geniuses and more often idiots.


Also, women say that five IQ points is not really a big deal.

Let’s see just how big of a deal 5 IQ points are. This is how you take math and shove it up women’s ass.


I’ll be the first to admit, when the average intelligence levels of men and women are graphed with a bunch of boring lines and a boring piss yellow background, it doesn’t look like a big deal. But look at what happened after I colored it in.


All of the sudden, women look dumb as shit.

The Wave of Genius

Women are dumb as shit. That gigantic blue curtain up there that hovers menacingly over women and their stupidity like it’s waiting to show them how to press the big fucking green button on the fax machine that says “Fax” in order to fax something — or better yet, how to access a file on the shared network drive without moving it’s entire contents onto their local computer and then leaving for a three day weekend. That blue fuck-you is something I like to call the Wave of Genius.

The Wave of Genius is made up of mere inches, but it also gave us algebra and pesticides. “Mere inches” gave us irrigation, plumbing, bronze, the internet, airplanes and X-Ray machines. “Mere inches” gave us Caddyshack and it gave us this website. If men are consistently better than women by 5%, that means men invented and conceived of everything 5% faster than women.

Which means men created everything.

1% can be a huge number. Condoms fail 2% of the time when used perfectly, and that’s a big fucking percent. Trust me. 5%? I don’t even want to think about paying for five abortions. One is expensive enough.

Using advanced CSI photo analyzing techniques, I was able to take a closer look at the Wave of Genius. Look at what happened when I zoomed in on the massive gap between men and women at the 132 IQ range.








If you’re surprised by that, you’re a woman. Fuck off my website.

Thanks to Rodrigo de la Jara for the graph.

And thanks to Anonymous for this:



Woman reading this article: “I can’t believe you put Isaac Newton in there in front of Jesus.”
Me: “That’s Einstein.”

Men are better than women.