Ignorance Is Not Cute

Dating is similar to interviewing for a job. At least for men it is. Men have to tout themselves, list their accomplishments — often more times than is necessary because women are half deaf and distracted by bullshit like neon signs they can’t pronounce.

Men list what they have to offer. They do so with a smile and then they allow a respectable time for the other party to reach a decision.

Women, on the other hand, just look cute — or slutty, depending on how old they are. I really couldn’t tell you which way it goes as they get older either; more cute or more slut. Women are more like whore-a-coasters. When they’re at an age that ends in 0 or 5, hold your arms up and say, “Whee!” because you’re in for a fucking ride.

Wait a minute. Dating is exactly the same as job interviewing for both men and women. Men list how good they are and women look cute and/or slutty. No woman has ever been hired because she was qualified. It’s just never happened. Men are too benevolent and know women need handouts. Women are hired as soon as they walk in the door.

But I’m talking about attracting the opposite sex here, not attracting sexual harassment. My point is that women think the best way to attract men (by being cute and/or slutty) is to act dumb as shit. Now I know I say a lot about how men are smarter than women on this site — way smarter. I may have even said that dead horses are smarter than women. And I stand by that because no dead horse has ever driven my car to the store with the parking brake depressed. If that’s not stupider, I don’t know what the fuck is.

How about shaving your eyebrows and then painting them on? Does that make you stupider than a dead horse? Yes.

Even with all that, not even I think women are as stupid as they act.

Ignorance is not cute. Every woman in the whole goddamn of Earth thinks it is, but it isn’t. Hang around some women some time and see for yourself. When they get together it’s like they’re having a Stupid-Off.

‘You don’t understand computers!? Wait til you hear what I don’t understand! Fucking Toilets! Or rain or some other bullshit! Is it angles crying? Is it from the ocean? Who the fuck knows! Wasn’t The Little Mermaid a great movie!’

That’s great. Congratulations. You’re so cute, you’re functionally retarded.

Maybe that’s why women have hissy fits when no one at all takes them seriously and all men constantly talk about how brainless they are behind their backs. Maybe they’re just acting ignorant like usual.

My point is that like so many of their other brain-ailments, women can’t help this one. The female species has playing the part of a helpless dimwit engrained in their collective heads like an Etch-a-Sketch you left out in the sun. Usually you can just cross your fingers and hope the last thing you drew on it wasn’t a dick or else Mom’s going to be pretty pissed off for no real fucking reason — like usual. With women, however, you have to do more than cross your fingers. You have to get a prenup.