Women are a Drag, Man. Drag Man?

Tootsie was a pretty good movie. So was Mrs. Doubtfire and Ladybugs. What did these movies have in common? Men in drag.

I’ve seen women in drag before and they would not make a good movie. You can always tell a woman in drag because women are shitty actors and know dick about men and/or acting like them. Usually it’s a couple of “lesbians” out playing a round of Normie for the Night; pretending either one of them is getting a second look from anything with a pulse, but sometimes it’s just some extremely ugly chick.

The point is that I’ve always written off women in drag with a big red marker that says, ‘Fuck you’ — until I heard about Norah Vincent.

Congratulations to Norah “the Explora” Vincent, who’s won MenAreBetterThanWomen.com’s Honorary Man of the Month Award for April with her recently published book, ‘Self Made Man’. In the book she goes through some amount of time (probably a month or two) as someone who would actually be punished for statutory raping a child. That’s right, she lives as a man.

See how the dressing in drag part actually had something to do with the topic?

I don’t know what Norah’s book is about. I don’t give a fuck because I’m pretty sure the words ‘understanding’ and ‘shoes’ are used liberally within the last 80 pages. Two words I definitely don’t give a fuck about. You can never walk a mile in a woman’s shoes because all they do all day is shop and get their asses kissed. There’s nothing else to a woman’s entire life. Even ones who have a job. All day, every day it’s wake up, get your ass kissed for eight hours, then go shopping and probably throw in some more ass kissing before a sexless night. What the Christ is there to understand about that?

I don’t need to play dress up to learn anything about the opposite sex either. It’s because I’m a man and I have a little (huge) thing called a man-brain that I use daily to get inside women’s heads like someone installed a turnstile in the rusty piece of shit the second the poor girl hit puberty.

Here’s the most poignant lesson Norah Vincent learned during her pilgrimage with a penis, and why she’s been given MenAreBetterThanWomen.com’s most prestigious woman-award:

Women are bitches.

Those are her words of course; not mine. Putting words in someone else’s mouth when it’s not necessary is beneath me as a man.

In her time as a Wonder Lesbian, Norah found women to be largely receptive and attentive to her conversation — or at least pretending to be so and keeping their mouths the fuck shut. She also found them to be adept at pretending to be polite.

When she approached them as a man, however, she found them to be one big Magic 3D Eye poster of bitch. Is that a spaceship? No. It’s some fucking princess who thinks she deserves a national Me Memorial Day for being born with a vagina. Fuck you.

Read the book if you want to hear more about it. Or else just walk outside of a bar and ask a woman for a single match or lighter. See if she even turns her head. If she doesn’t, piss on her shoes and pretend you’re blind when she freaks out.

“That’s why I asked for a light! I wanted to make sure no one was there!”

The Book of Love.