Manginas Are My Hero

Not all men have money, good looks, talent, wit, charm, charisma, interesting stories, cultural insight, skills, athletic abilities, woman-attracting macho attitudes, an ability to eat an inhuman amount of food (or food based, non-toxic products), a sense of style, an easy going demeanor, a non-threatening posture, rich parents, or an in depth knowledge of anything and a desire to show it off. All men, however, are still men. That means they need to get laid.

So how do these men attract women? I’ll tell you how, by taking charge where women have failed for the last thirty years.

Manginas are my hero.

Who else but a man could possibly convince women that fighting the woman’s fight of feminism is not the most chauvinistic thing anyone has ever done in the history of the world?

I’ll tell you who, fucking no one but a man. Men are like Jedi masters when it comes to telling women what they want and think about anything.

It’s perfect natural and perfectly manly for a man to stoop so low as to cheapen his entire man-race just to get laid. You know why? Because men don’t need a collective pat on the ass for everything we do in life — including living it. We don’t need a sash that counts up all our achievements and chaffs our man-necks. That’s for girl scouts and the only thing I want to know about the Girl Scouts is when they sell their cookies and if they make their uniforms in a youth large because any adult woman who wears anything bigger needs to hit a fucking treadmill with her pudgy feet.

Let me give an example. I was celebrating a business achievement with some friends a few years ago and a woman asked one of my friends why we were celebrating. My friend told her he’d just gotten a promotion at work. Does that make him a liar or a scoundrel? Fuck no. It makes him smart. It makes him smart and also one lie closer to getting laid.

“Manginas” as they are called by all men everywhere with absolutely no fear of repercussion ever, display the ultimate and manliest form of both lying and sacrifice in the same way a fish breathes water — without even thinking about it.

And it is certainly a lie or a pack of lies — equality I’m talking about. See, Manginas are actually huge misogynists in man-disguise.

Personally I have nothing against mysoginism, or whatever it’s called. I wouldn’t call myself one, but that’s like not calling a rectangle a square. Both of them still know men are better than women. It doesn’t matter how many sides they have.

Manginas are the biggest misogynists on Earth because they know at heart — deep down within their man hearts that women can’t stand up for themselves against men without having at least one man-hand firmly on their ass propping them up. That’s why Manginas jump into social discussions like peacocks flipping their feathers all around. It’s a throw back to chivalry and it says the following:

Sweetheart, if you want anyone to take you seriously, shut up and let me do the talking.

As I see it, Manginas have balls of steel.