MySpace is Full of Sluts and Whores

Does everyone know of this thing called MySpace? Apparently it’s a website for young girls to practice their whoring skills from the comfort of their own home. This service is provided for free.

Jesus Christ, it sickens me.

It sickens me beyond the garish colors and wildly blinking tags of text. Nay, that’s merely a sickness of stomach. MySpace, however, sickens me straight to the core of my morality.

This is my point today: when left to their own devices, men construct things out of other things. We build friendships out of people; we make wheels from slabs of rock; we make one long straw out of several other straws. Women, on the other hand, get their whore on.

Go browse through the MySpace listings for a while. Especially if you have a daughter. Then you’ll definitely want to go punch a few little bastards’ names into their search engine-ing box.

I culled a few of the profile headlines in a span of about three minutes to demonstrate my point (maximizing for whore factor), but I’m opting not to print them here as the content made even me sick. And the girls look to be under 18.


There’s a classic story about a man who turns himself invisible somehow. He was a scientist. I don’t remember who wrote it because that’s not what’s important about books. What’s important is the message. Learning and memorizing the names of authors and syllabi and whatnots is the stuff for feminist studies classes.

The Invisible Man (as I will call him) embarked on a series of nefarious acts with his new-found invisibility. Things like stealing money and killing people. It’s an exciting tale about the heart of man and the effect of “invisibility” on the psyche.

And that’s exactly my fucking point.

When invisible — when completely anonymous, men seek personal gain. Unsurprisingly, that avarice happens to be the very fucking engine of the free market economy. Perhaps you’ve heard of the free market economy. It did build the whole of Earth and everything awesome upon it. Take an introductory economics class if you don’t agree with me, but first go and fuck yourself.

Men also seek to gratify their deepest inner desires. How is that bad?

It’s isn’t because it’s something men do. Take any charity for example. It’s just something some man gave of himself because he wanted to do it — he wanted to feel good about it. That’s completely selfish. It was a desire of his that he fulfilled. Filling desires, even when invisible, is not a bad thing.

Women, however, when lounging behind their little veil of privacy called the internet, just try to look as easy as possible. And by easy, I mean easy to fuck.

It’s as simple as this: men are built for progress in their cores; women are built for sex. If you have a problem with that, take it to MySpace.