The Sisterhood of Dumbness

Women have to work extra hard to succeed at anything.

Myth! In actuality, women simply have to show up to be successful. Take swimsuit models. That’s about the most important and meaningful job a woman can ever hope to have or aspire to. Swimsuit models don’t have to fucking do anything but show up and let a man take their pictures.

That’s the real work in modeling of course: the picture taking. The way you can tell is by looking at all the jobs in a photography session and seeing which ones men do. This rule can be applied universally.

For God’s sake, have you seen what some of those models look like when they roll out of bed? Only exactly the same as every other woman in the world. Of course it would take a man to turn that into an object of fine art — or other type of art.

My point, however, is that women barely have to work at all in order to be successful. Think about it.

Women don’t have to learn anything or be prepared for an interview because in most countries, laws force employers to hire them. And if they don’t, all hiring is done by men anyway. Men are smart creatures, you see, and they know that hiring a woman will increase the chances of fucking said woman. That’s called survival of the species. Men are team players like that. Women, on the other hand, would be content to let the entire race die off just to take their precious sense of entitlement to the grave.

Women also don’t have to know how to do anything at work in order to not be fired, as there will always be some man around to fill in her gaps of competence in order to — all together now — increase his chances of fucking her.

The bullshit here is that this is seen as a bad thing. It’s biology folks. It’s as positive as recycling and soy milk — both of which I hate as a man. The biology in play here says two things:

1. Men are predisposed to the betterment of all human beings — including the desire to deepen the gene pool.
2. Women are lazy.

There’s a reason you’ve never told a woman she’s done a ‘half-assed job’ at anything. It’s because when it comes to women, if they even showed up they’ve used their whole ass. There’s a double entendre there that while very clever is much more so when left to your own imangination.

If anything, this is just one example of “Girl Power” actually working to benefit women. By the time a slightly competent woman works her way into a career. And I don’t know how she ended up even slightly competent. Let’s suspend our man-belief for the moment. Perhaps she was just ugly. By the time this uggo is in a career position, so many women have colossally fucked up before her, she’s a shoe-in for upper management.

Women who are even slightly competent are like professional athletes in the Special Olympics.