One Small Step For A Woman. One Giant Leap Backwards for Womankind.

I’m a man so naturally I can see right through politics. My eyeballs and my man-brain are like a super powered laser beam of knowing political shit and when that shit is up — especially when it’s up to some shit.

A lot of men have been criticizing Nancy Pelosi for being both the Lady-Speaker of the House in the USA and also a woman and therefore incompetent. To these men, I have this to say.

Come on, guys. You don’t think the men in charge of the USA aren’t up to something with that first Lady-Speaker shit, do you? That doesn’t sound like men. I’ll tell you right now that that shit is up to some shit.

Nancy Pelosi is a billboard the size of the entire United States of America that says, “Do Not Vote For Hillary Clinton. A woman will never be fucking president. I’m proof.” And that’s why she’s’s Honorary Man of the Month for January. Way to go Lady-Speaker. You managed to get your woman-foot somewhere most women never have: on the right path. Voters too soon forget the dangers of women in politics; even if it’s just for fun. What better way to remind everyone than for a woman to show them herself?

How about taking away their vote?

Let’s add up the facts.

Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat.

Republicans, Democrats, who gives a shit. They’re all run by men. Men who want to stop women from electing Hillary Clinton the same way women elected Hitler. Women vote with their emotions and sense of entitlement.

Nancy Pelosi is a woman.

That brings me to the first argument I wrote the day I started

No woman will ever be the fucking president of anywhere.

Now I would like to make a small addition to that fact.

Fuck you.

Add up the facts for yourself. They all point to Nancy Pelosi as the greatest female ever to climb the steps of Capitol Hill in pumps which would be more appropriate on the street corner two blocks down and ten hours later. That’s when and where the whores hang out.

Nancy Pelosi is a patsy. She’s a ringer. She’s a ticking time bomb of womanly clusterfuck that’s going to explode in fuck-up confetti all over the United States. You think even the most die-hard, “lesbian” feminists are going to vote for a woman president after seeing what one does as a Lady-Speaker of the House for a year besides giggle and look confused? They will, sure, but they’re the only ones.

Nancy Pelosi reminds me of a story about myself. Many years ago, I got extremely drunk and pissed my pants in front of a bunch of children to show them how drinking in excess can make you look like a jackass.

Mission accomplished.