Pregnancy Does Not Imply Equality

A screwdriver has a purpose. Without this tool, men wouldn’t be able to screw anything for less than the cost of a video game — and women wouldn’t be able to dent my car by dropping one on the hood while trying to put the Christmas decorations away on a shelf two feet above their fucking head.

If it’s out of reach, get a man. If it’s got buttons, get a man. If it affects the fate of anything more than an unboiled egg or the color of drapes, get a man.

Texas Instruments once had a social conscience. They devised a pink Speak N Spell that flashed only the following:

In case of thought, get a man!

Sadly, it was recalled. Oh the lives it may have saved.

A screwdriver is matched in usefulness only by the chainsaw or pistol. Without these things, we would all have been eaten by bears or raped by trees long ago. When women say, “none of you would be here without us,” they’re inviting you to live in this world, where guns and penicillin are just as important as pumping out spawn.

Horses can have babies too. Why don’t we let them vote? Why don’t we put Mr. Ed on the ballot?

Also, none of us would be here without monkey-rape. “Consent” was invented about ten seconds after “money”. It’s as “mandatory” as taxes.

As much as it pains me to say, chainsaws and pistols are not equal to men. They’re just tools. I love them and they’re useful, but it’s true. Men are better than pistols and chainsaws and pizza scissors.

Women have a purpose too. Women are good for making babies.

They’re so “good for” it, they base their entire lives around it. Just like men do with money, sports, and anything else that involves achievement. Achievement is betterment through personal sacrifice. Achievement is the success that results from an increase in the global quality of life. Achievement is what makes a person rich when they can’t hit their “pay day” by forgetting to take some birth control. Men are as obsessed with all that shit as women are with babies.

Women aren’t good for raising babies, unfortunately — at least that what every crime statistic says — but no one can deny their petri dish powers of procreation.

The pregnancy card is as desperate to play as, “I’m with the band,” or grabbing a sleeping girl’s boob. In the Deck of Women, they’ve got 13 of that card in every suit.

When asked, all of Americans say they would rather follow a man than a woman into the unknown. These Americans are commonly called: voters, the army, the employed, families, children, all religions, and anyone who has ever watched TV. That’s because while “the unknown” could include a Baby Crank-Out competition, it most likely won’t. And if it doesn’t, you’re going to need a dick around.