Sexual Harassment: Deal With It

A penny saved is a woman fired.

One of the best reasons not to hire a woman is that eventually, every single one of them will be sexually harassed by a co-worker. And guess who gets to pay for it? You.

Money can make a woman forget anything. Humiliation, morals, the emotional well-being of her own children. That’s why strippers never graduate. When women see dollar signs, their brains turn into shit.

By hiring a man over a woman, you are not only getting a more qualified, more competent, less smelly employee, you’re also lowering your chances of being sued for providing a hostile work environment to zero.

But even if you do get sued for sexual harassment, it’s bullshit.

Sexual harassment doesn’t exist.

If you don’t like the way you’re getting treated at work, quit. Or put on thirty pounds! No one’s forcing any of you fascist cunts to be there in the first place. Go work at a Curves if you don’t like men. Or learn to cook a roast and stay in a man’s house rent free. A fed man is one who will tolerate your constant failings.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Despite how stupid they are in math, women perform a complex mathematical calculation to determine whether or not they are being subject to sexual harassment:

Every woman takes how much money a guy has, A; times the odds he will give her some of that money, B; times the number of other girls who want to fuck him, C.

If A times B times C is less than the amount of attention a guy is giving her: Ding, ding, ding! She’s being sexually harassed! Time to contact HR!

That makes sexual harassment not only subjective, but also completely arbitrary. Any time a woman wants, she can radically change her view of what’s appropriate, offensive, or even hostile. And when we start basing the law around that, we make the law something that is as flaky and non-committal as women. As Jack Slater would say, “Big mistake.”

Women are Whores

Women are whores and they know they’re whores. And sexual harassment lawsuits are the proof!

Getting hit on or having your ass grabbed is not a big deal. And neither is getting berated by your boss or fired for not giving him head. Just quit. But women can’t do that can they. Sexual harassment causes them pain! Here’s why.

The reason women get upset by unwanted sexual attention is because those guys are getting it for free. Think about it. Since the day they turn 13, women are bombarded by attention. Heaps and heaps of attention by men of all ages simply for access to what they’ve got between their legs: a vagina. Let’s not forget that time equals money. Attention from a man is a monetary gift.

When a guy starts angling to get off with a girl for free, it infuriates her because it lowers her price. If one guy gets it without paying, maybe the next guy will do the same. And then she’d have to do more at the office than just gab on IM and play Solitaire. For women, that’s hell.

I’ve had my ass grabbed by women at clubs millions of times. And the reason it’s never bothered me is because I’m not used to getting paid for the privilege.

Men aren’t whores. We give it away.

Women Are Children

The cold hard truth of it, fellows and gentleman, is that if women didn’t have baby makers, they would have all been fucking killed like a million years ago. In order to fuck them, primitive men fed women and protected their fat asses from dinosaurs. In order to fuck them, we keep women happy. And that means protecting them from the truth.

Women are too fragile to handle the truth. the truth doesn’t fit in their shit-brains like my cock won’t fit in a roll of toilet paper. It’s too big.

That’s why women can sue for sexual harassment. As far as the law is concerned, women are over-sized children and they’re to be treated as such. The courts won’t tell them they’re whores.

If you tell a child Santa Claus exists and then you give him legal rights, he can sue if he doesn’t get a pony for Christmas. If you tell women they’re good for anything more than making babies and then encourage them to join the workforce, they can sue when you don’t act like it. The law is black and white. Pay up or grow up.

“If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children.” – Some Russian Judge

In Russia, only three women have won sexual harassment lawsuits.

Women Love Sexual Harassment

Look at every one of women’s donkey-shit love stories. Their chick movies, their fucking romance books, their dickless emo music — every single story has some schlub pouring endless amounts of unrequited attention onto some bitch until she’s so overwhelmed by it, the decision to put out is made for her. That’s every woman’s fantasy life — to let a man’s attention wash over her like the tide until she drowns in it.

Women love sexual harassment. They only start suing over it when the guy doing it isn’t imaginary.


Can I Sue For Pain in the Ass Harassment?

Can I sue because some chick parked in front of my driveway? Can I sue because some stupid woman OBGYN left a message on my fuck buddy’s answering machine that says, “Call me back when you get this. It’s really important,” and then closed for the fucking weekend? What kind of weekend are you supposed to have wondering about that shit! Is she pregnant? Does she have herpes? What the fuck!?

Yes, actually I can sue for all of that, but it would get thrown the fuck out of court and the judge would make fun of me. As well he should.

Men are better than women.

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