The Internal Ridiculous Service

Women should not work at the IRS. First of all, women don’t know what money is. They think it’s love — specifically the love their father didn’t give their mother because she was a raging bitch. Guess what it isn’t.

Money is a mark of hard work or smart work. All men know that. That’s why we make more money than women. It’s the same reason a fly fisherman catches more fish than a donkey. The fisherman knows what the fuck is going on.

Would you let a baboon handle your tax return? No. When you’re looking for a loan officer at a bank and there are only women working the Tuesday shift, do you walk right back out the door? Fuck yes you do.

Why the fuck should women be allowed to touch money at some point in the tax paying process.

It’s ridiculous.

The reason everyone hates the IRS is because women work there.

Women are vindictive cows when it comes to taking things. That’s part of the reason they can’t stop shopping. Each purchasing conquest a woman makes lets her imagine she’s ripping it out of the grubby hands of a female comrade. It’s a bloodlust. Women don’t get enjoyment from gaining or having things. They only get enjoyment from taking them. Divorces. That’s a great example. Well another one is as a tax auditor.

A tax revenue auditor isn’t looking for twenty bucks that you got paid for helping a neighbor put up a fence and didn’t report. They’re looking to see if you have a boat in the Bahamas called Fuck Taxes or if you filed 40 different returns under 40 different tax IDs. Trust me. I’ve owned a few businesses and that’s what jackasses try to pull — they’re mostly women.

Rooting around through your personal shit for a missing twenty here and there — maybe a small Christmas bonus that flew under the radar — that’s womanly behavior and womanly horseshit. It doesn’t belong in the government.

The bottom line is women should be kept so far out of the government that they don’t even know what one is.

We’re halfway there.