There is Such a Thing as Bad Head

Welcome fellows and gentlemen to the Dick Masterson/Super Frat crossover comic event!

Stay tuned all month to find out how I save the day as the world’s first Chauvinist Detective — and maybe teach the boys at Lambda Sigma Rho something about the Art of Chauvinism.

While reading this amazing comic, I thought of something profound.

Men are better than women at comics.

Superman, Garfield, Popeye, the Tick; these are all comic characters created, developed, and promoted by men. And they’ve brought joy to billions of people. What have women done for the world of comics? Nothing they haven’t done for me at the Spearmint Rhino.

Fuck Cathy.

Comic book characters come from space or the future or laboratory fuck ups. They don’t pop out of some stupid vagina and therefore, in the world of comics, women are superfluous.

The feminist doctrine that says women were historically held back from “inventing things”, “writing things”, and “learning math”, is widely accepted as fact on television — even though the only explanation for it is, “Men are Dicks!” Well apparently that’s enough to convince the half of the world who believes prostitution is an affront to a God they do or do not believe in.

Women can’t prove anything with reason or logic, so the only thing that matters is that enough people are saying something. That means it must be true.

Women would vote for Hitler.

The truth is that men are just better than women in every way. We’ve never oppressed women because we’ve never had any reason to. They fuck up all the time. They oppress themselves. We also wouldn’t want to oppress women.

Men are not threatened by powerful women. Just open a comic book. Men will actually pay to read about imaginary women being competent while maintaining body images that are realistic no matter how loud fat broads shout. A size 0 is not unrealistic. Neither is looking like Jordan. It happened, calm the fuck down. Just because you ladies look like dumpy pieces of shit compared to her, doesn’t mean a bunch of guys aren’t still going to want to fuck you. The price you can charge will be different though. And that’s the real problem.

Just last week I heard the following typical nonsense from some idiot broad. “Women don’t suck at computers, they just think computers are boring.” Is it boring to receive emergency medical attention? Is it boring to have the wealth of human knowledge available to you at any hour of the night for 30 dollars a month? Is it boring to talk to friends and family across the globe via a multi-trillion dollar global telecommunications network? Yes it is actually, but that wasn’t my point.

My point was that being bored of something doesn’t mean you also don’t suck at it. Fact.

A Fact is like a woman’s reflection in the morning. She can’t stand looking at it.

The reason that women have never created any comics worth a shit or even any comics at all, is because comics are a labor of love. For every one Superman, there are ten Aquaman’s, and for every Aquaman, there are about a billion No One Cares Man’s who languish forever in comic obscurity. No one gets into comics for the money.

Women only get into things for the money. Women get into bed for money. Women get into marriage for money. Women even get into arguments for money. Think about it. Your time is your money. Women are draining that money right out of you by being obnoxious cunts. It’s called cognitive dissonance and it means you won’t leave her ass when you should. Look it up.

Men don’t do anything for the money. And it just so happens that that’s what it takes to build the world. Ship sailing, woodworking, building the pyramids; these were all things men did for the love of doing them — and also because we need to keep our Man Brains running at all hours of the day.

The Man Brain is like a shark. If sharks stop swimming, they sink and die. If The Man Brain stops thinking, The Penis falls right off. I’ve seen it happen.