Use It Or Lose It — No Women In College

It has long been said that university is wasted on women. Grade school is wasted on them as well because women don’t need adding or spelling to sit on the couch all day and shop for fucking chicken ten minutes before their hungry man gets home, but that’s another point.

Unless they have some kind of school I don’t know about where women learn how to look thin, pretty, and shut the fuck up, all school is wasted on women. Want to know who agrees with me? MenAreBetterThanWomen’s Honorary Man of the Month for October, Sharon Dijksma. Congratulations Miss Dijk. Congratulations on the prestigious award and congratulations on having something that looks like dick in your name. That’s manly.

The amount of work a man does with his education is exactly the number of years between his graduation and the moment he dies. You may have some bullshit in your head (which means you shouldn’t be reading this in the first place because you’re a woman) telling you to point out retirement as an equally valid end point to an educated man’s utility, but that is false. Even retired men bust their ass every day. They build shit or they go spread their wisdom — in some cases forcing it down the throats of the young, but the point is men remain manly and productive until death. Fuck retirement.

Women don’t.

Women retire just as they live. They don’t do shit. A woman’s productive lifespan is exactly equal to two years after she graduates university to the moment she falls in love with one of her kiss-ass workmates. Obviously there is some variance depending on how attractive the woman is, however, this variance is normalized by the hiring process. Let me explain.

An attractive woman will be snatched up at the workplace in about six months. An ‘uggo’ or ‘fatty’ as they are called might flop around for an additional six. The she-troll, however, will take about that much longer to get hired in the first place. No woman is ever hired on her skills. It’s not because men are sexist or sexy or whatever women say. It’s because women have the same skills as tulips. They look pretty, they pollinate, and they decorate your mantastically majestic house. That is all.

Miss Dijk proposes and end to women and their sponging up all government subsidized education like it’s trash television. I call it the Use it or Lose it Plan. Would Dijksma’s legislation pass, Dutch women who earn degrees only to fuck and trap one of their statistically much smarter class man-mates — which every fucking one of them does, would be responsible for a whopping fucking fine to reimburse the government. If you ask me, they should be fined doubly for the perfectly well-working man ass they kept out of that classroom seat, but this is a baby step. A baby man-step.

This plan is fucking brilliant. And before you say anything, I know a woman didn’t think of it. Dijksma still gets credit for opening her big fat mouth about it though. Women should always get credit for doing what a man told them to do, even if they merely tried their best yet fucked up catastrophically. Technically, that was your fault as a man for expecting more out of a woman than you would out of a tulip.

The Use it or Lose it plan is exactly the same as taxing cigarettes. Should cigarette smokers have to pay for the increased government subsidy of smoking related illnesses. Yes they should and women have no business in college.

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