Women are Obsessed with Men Being Obsessed with Sex

I buy a lot of drinks for people when I go out. Strangers, people sitting at the bar, even the bar tenders themselves. It’s important to me that everyone is able to quench their thirst as quickly as possible. I’m a man and that’s in my providing nature. It’s also huge amounts of Man Points. I’ll lose a dozen for forcing my way to the front of the bar in the first place, but then I reverse gain them with a multiplier with free drinks all around. Man Points are like that. Tempestuous.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that men are quite thankful to be purchased a drink. They will engage you in friendly conversation — even if you don’t want to be engaged. Women, however, are awful and rude just like usual. When I gave it some thought, I realized that it’s not because they aren’t actually grateful for the drink. No, no. Women guzzle down their free alcohol like out of work carney’s outside of a liquor mart.

What I realized is that women show no gratitude when having drinks purchased for them because they are obsessed with sex!

Feminism and the gender equality movement weren’t about getting equal pay or more jobs or any of that monkey shit. Women could have gotten equal pay and jobs whenever they wanted to without a bunch of laws. All they had to do was fold up the ironing board and learn a skill that someone would pay them more than a slap on the ass for. A skill like listening or shutting the fuck up, both of which have served me well in the professional world.

The gender equality movement was about women learning to turn their only skill, lackluster sex, into a weapon — and ever since they’ve become little tyrannical despots with it, gradually going over the brink of sanity and clutching onto their precious vice like one of those circular pool life-buoy deals. I don’t know what those things are called so I have to assume they don’t have a name. After all, as a man I’m sure I would already know it.

Women are so obsessed with sex that if you buy one a drink that’s the first and only thing on her mind.

Would I fuck this guy? Would I fuck this guy? Would I fuck this guy? Would I fuck this guy?

Can you imagine that screaming in your head while you’re trying to enjoy some pleasant conversation over a beer? If you can, you’ve just lost yourself some Man Points, my friend. Better luck next time.

Women are so obsessed with sex and defending their precious love gates that they can’t stop and have a good time or behave in a cordial manner for five fucking minutes. It’s the same for holding doors open for them or helping them with groceries; in a woman’s mind you’re already dry humping her leg — even if that leg is 70 pounds.

Fuck, a few weeks ago I saw a woman in a wheelchair wheeling across a parking lot the size of a football stadium. She was obviously struggling, but when I asked her if she needed help, she figuratively bit my head off. Now what other reason could there be for that?