Cooking Up Trouble

To be a great chef it takes dedication, knowledge of various spices, and some amount of sensitivity. That’s why men make better chefs than women, because women have none of those three. Knowing that cinnamon tastes good on their Frapacinos, or whatever candy-ass coffee nightmare that cost a man somewhere 3.95, is not a knowledge of spices.

The kind of chefs women make are the Martha Stewart types; putting glitter on pinecones and that kind of childish bullshit. In other words, making something shitty even shittier by fucking around with it with no purpose.

When a man is a chef, he makes plans and then he executes them — man style. That means directly and as fastidiously as a fucking comet. That’s a recipe for a phenomenal meal. When a woman is a chef, however, she behaves exactly as all women behave in their daily lives: traipsing around like drunken marionettes with their heads in Mexico and without a thought in the world for consequences.

Often times you will hear of a woman’s life being ridiculously fucked up and you’ll wonder, how could it have gotten so bad? Was this woman just traipsing around like a drunken marionette with her head in Mexico?

Yup, you got it.

Note also that the title chef cannot be bastardized into the feminine form. For example: policewoman or lady doctor. This can also be said for the title of judge, which I find interesting. Knowing women as I do, though, I’m sure they’ll find a way to ruin a good thing. Perhaps cheftress?

Women are terrible chefs because they ricochet off their own actions like pinball, never knowing what in the fuck is going on at all. They have zero philosophy.