Women are Wild for Wombs!

Women and their aimless bullshit and prattling are like Chinese people in China. There’s like a billion of them, there’s new ones every day, and no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to count them all.

If you were going to count them though, you would have to start with one and one alone. The very seed and sole archetype of the shrill, sanctimonious feminine dogma:

Women make up for their constant drain on both society and man-patience because they can have babies.

Is this opposite day?

If having a baby made up for any kind of shit, then every man in the world could just roll a piano down the street instead of paying his taxes for the year (and the taxes of his wife).

“Hey. I took a shitload of resources from everyone else in the form of roads and standard of living this year.”

This mythical un-thinking man would say.

“But instead of producing anything for everyone else to enjoy, I’m just going to roll this super complicated thing down the street in a totally irresponsible way and let everyone deal with the ensuing cluster-fuck.”

Am I right here, men? Let me tell you that rolling a piano down the street will definitely get you arrested and that it will certainly not win you any medals of community service. Real or imaginary.

Also, caring for babies is the easiest job in the world. That’s why it doesn’t pay shit. Because it’s easy. It’s the only task that no human being has ever had to learn how to do. That and dig in the dirt.

Women can have babies. Great. That doesn’t make women better than men, that just makes them more dangerous. Dangerous like a kid with a hockey stick and a blindfold who some jackass has told is in a piñata store.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a piñata is, it would make the kid run around like crazy and bash the shit out of everything with absolutely no regard for consequences.