Women: Nurturers or Totally Irresponsible Sadists?

Remember when you were in fifth grade and someone had to take the class guinea pig or sugar glider home for Christmas break? Then remember when all the little girls raised their hands excitedly and your male teacher hummed and hawed and pretended that he didn’t see anything until some boy raised his hand? Then he let the boy take care of the guinea pig for those three weeks.

Your male teacher did that because a good way to start a new school year is not by having some bawling little girl drag a dead guinea pig in a shoebox casket into class.

That’s morbid and sick.

Women can’t take care of anything. Especially little animals; especially themselves — but especially children.

If a woman’s life can’t fuel a weeklong series of talk shows and after-school specials by the time she’s 25, then it’s a goddamn miracle and probably bullshit. Either that or she must have been safely married off by the time she was 17. That way at least someone is there to pick up the pieces fuck-up by fuck-up. Seventeen is when a woman is just testing out the waters at the shallow end of turning her life into a catastrophe.

If women can’t raise themselves with any modicum of security or direction, what makes society think that women can raise children in a different way? Remember Tarzan? That asshole acted like a monkey because he was raised by monkies. Flipper? Raised by dolphins.

70% of violent murders and rapists were raised by single mothers.
Hitler was raised by a single mother.

Wow! I proved that so fast and in such a colossally man-tastic way that I need to take a breather.

By the way, think I’m lying about those facts? Then you’re a woman, get off of my site. Men know that other men only say things when they’re true — or at least when that man thinks they’re probably true. That’s why we’re so good at getting things accomplished as a team of men. Because we don’t have to waste time conniving, sabotaging, and watching each others asses. That’s against the man-code.

A woman raising a child on her own is like distilling your own non-alcoholic beer on accident. Sure, you made a beer. Nice work. But you left out some key ingredients, like compassion and reason.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. “Lesbian” couples deserve the right to raise a child the same as anyone else. That’s called human rights and equality.

Two wrongs don’t make a right though.