Where’s Waldo’s Y Chromosome

People who know nothing about science and even less about talking about it (women) say that the Y-chromosome is slowly vanishing from the human species of Earth.

That means in a billion years, there won’t be any more men. There also won’t be any more working machines, libraries, people to type women’s school papers for them, or anyone around to explain scientifically what the fuck happened to all the men. What a woman paradise that would be. No machines to get anything done, no learning or reading, no explanations for fucking anything. No responsibility or causality.

Too bad that that Y-chromosome shit is a bunch of shit.

Women are all like little Hitler’s. They talk a big game about a lot of idealistic shit they learned from their fourth grade teacher/yoga instructor, and the first thing they pull out of the threat bag is fucking genocide and mass extinction. Here’s an example of something a man might say and a woman’s response.

“Due to lack of stress from not being the sole bread winner of the family, women outlive their spouses and collect government retirement funds for years to come while contributing and never having contributed a goddamn thing. Women are therefore are a leech on not only the economy, but the principle of economy.”

That’s reasoned and well put. Now here’s a typical woman response.

“If it weren’t for women, you wouldn’t even be here, you gay bitch. You woman. Which is the worst insult I can give as a woman and really sick and self hating if you think about it.”

Inappropriate to say the least. How about this one instead.

“Enjoy your precious economy then, because with no Y chromosome, there won’t even be any men soon and then you’ll all be sorry for not treating us like the one hundred and fifty pound princesses that we are.”

Touché, madam. Touché — except the shit isn’t true.

The reason the Y chromosome isn’t going anywhere is because it has all kinds of secret abilities to repair itself and all this other shit that I don’t want to get into because we’re here to talk about why men are better than women and not a bunch of boring science bullshit. What men scientists found when they were trying to scientifically tell women to shut the fuck up about the extinction shit, is that the men only Y chromosome has an extra brain gene.

That’s right. Men are born with one more brain gene than women. It’s one of four Y chromosome deals that throw four switches in a fetus from girl to boy. Now while no one knows what this forth brain gene does exactly, I’m going to take a stab at what it does here…

Turns the brain from OFF to ON.

Men are disappearing!
Oh no, wait. They just have extra brains.