Are Those Catepillars on Your Face or Crayon?

Have you ever seen women’s eyebrows? I can sum them up in one word: fucking gross.

It’s hilarious that women will do everything short of sewing a giant, fuck-off, red A for “Attention Whore” on the clothing of women who get their breasts enhanced, but women can’t stop fucking with their eyebrows. It’s the same thing.

Oh wait it’s not. It’s the same thing except one is gross and one is gorgeous.

Of all the stupid, time-wasting, bullshit, masturbatory exercises women engage in for the sake of Cosmetique, eyebrow art is by far the stupidest and most masturbatory. Who are women gardening their eyebrows for anyway? Men? Do any men subscribe to Hot Eyebrows Monthly? I’ve never even heard of that publication and I’ve heard of a lot of them; so I doubt it.

How about women then? No I’m pretty sure it isn’t women either. Women don’t look other women in the face in the first place.

That’s not common knowledge either, that women don’t look other women in the eye when they’re speaking to each other, but it is true. See, women always bitch about how men constantly stare at their chests while completely dominating them in any conversation, but women are exactly the same. It’s a species thing. It’s got nothing to do with sex.

It’s the same way artists and advertisers utilize white space to manipulate the eye. There are certain things the human gaze is simply drawn to — magnetically. White space on the one hand and in the other, boobs. Don’t let women make you feel bad for being a human being.

It must be caterpillars then. Women shave their eyebrows to make sure caterpillars don’t try to have sex with their faces while they’re sleeping.

I guess that’s crazy isn’t it! Well, moisturizer and anti wrinkle creams don’t do shit and women still use them. Is that less crazy than plucking your eyebrows due to a caterpillar narcofornophobia? That means a fear of caterpillars having sex with your eyebrows in your sleep, or as women prefer to call it: date rape.

Women are all beautiful and special things — each one like a beautiful summer day or a classic Cadillac convertible — and they just don’t realize it. Women and their natural bodies and eyebrows disgust them. That’s why they do stupid shit like pencil them in and are extremely uptight all the time about walking around the house in a bra.

What is the big fucking deal about that anyway? It’s called a compromise.