3…2…1…We Have Bullshit!

Well they’ve finally gone and done it.

Hoping for the disaster trifecta, NASA has gone ahead and put a woman type in charge of the next space shuttle mission.

I don’t know what alarms me more about this — its recklessness or the fact that it opens the door for a ticker tape parade of raining equality horseshit.

I just got new shoes so probably the latter.

You can read more about this development if you want, by searching for your damn self. And since you’re a man you already knew that. When you do, you might find a quote from a member of a group called Women in Aerospace. At first I thought this was a joke, but I found mention of the group elsewhere so I’ll have to assume it’s not for the moment.

Women is Aerospace is probably a lot like The Polar Bear Club — a group that takes some people and puts them somewhere freezing cold and where they absolutely don’t fucking belong. And right there I’m talking about women and putting them in aerospace. Of course, I’m merely making a man-hypothesis about the groups goals because they probably don’t have a website. I didn’t look for one, but women can’t make webpages; they all end up looking like piƱatas or crappy, home-made jewelry e-stores.

The quote goes as follows:

“Now, 22 percent of NASA’s senior executives are women. America’s space industry still has a long way to go in terms of gender equity, but we are way ahead of the rest of the world in recognizing the contributions women can make.”

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Women set the bar so low it’s like its buried six feet under the damn ground right next to their integrity and their sense of selflessness.

The success of women in aerospace (and any other field if you ask any woman about anything) is measured by the amount of women in aerospace. Just like the success of women in business is measured by the amount of women in business. Successful lovemaking? Yea guess what, women count the minutes up in their heads like magic beans with no thought for quality.

That’s really what we’re talking about here. To women, it’s quantity over quality every day of their lives. Why have just two or three close friends when you can have a dozen that you hate the fuck out of? Why have just two or three pairs of shoes when you can have two dozen that look garish and shitty and make clicky-clack noises at work all fucking day that make your male co-workers want to jump right out the damn window.

Why do these things? Because women just want things to have more of them and for no other reason. Women are an octopus with a sweet tooth let loose in a candy store. In this case, the candy is the dreams of little boys who look up into the sky and someday dream of becoming an astro-man.

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