This Steak Is Overly Chartreuse

In my series of things to ask women if you’re looking for a laugh try this one. Ask a woman to define any the following words:


Or make up your own! Pull random words from whatever a woman’s saying like I do. The fun in the game isn’t what words you know or use, it’s what words women don’t know, but use anyway. All of them. Every single fucking chance they get.

Women don’t know what words mean because they don’t ever look them up. They don’t look anything up. They treat words like the cuddly little animals they wish were their children. If the word looks cute it must be nice. If the word’s got teeth it isn’t. If the word’s got an ‘m’ you can probably ride it. That’s well and good for the monosyllabic (where women should confine themselves out of decency), but if you ever hear “inchoate” or “iconoclast” in a girl’s voice start running. The sense has just been sucked from the conversation like juice from a piece of delicious jerked beef.

But the answer’s obvious. Women don’t look up words and facts and figures because they’re lazy right? Wrong. There’s always more than meets the eye with women. Unfortunately it’s always uglier than you think. Women are the seven layer bean dip of the damned — plenty to find, none of it pleasing to the palate.

Women don’t look shit up because if they ever did, they would be wading into a pool of logic, reason, and accountability that they want no part of — no matter how shallow. For a woman to learn even the slightest fact through a course of research would be an admission of the whole feminist fallacy of entitlement equality.

No work = Pay

Bullshit. Let’s look at the facts.

A woman’s biggest fear in the world is being wrong. That’s why they act like such raving bitches if they ever catch a man allegedly being wrong. Women are afraid of being wrong like it’s leprosy football. So what’s one way to guarantee that you’re never wrong? Never be right.

Women don’t look shit up or use words the way they’re supposed to be used because they never want to be right. That’s why they never are. Women are wrong statistically pretty much whenever they open their mouths. It’s sad and it’s also a big smoke screen so they can say fancy bullshit like, “Men and women can be friends as long as there is mutual respect at a safe emotional distance.”

Safe emotional distance? Jesus, it’s alphabet soup. If a woman was on fire, her first instinct is to carry on normally and believe that she is not on fire. Oh that’s two more words that women don’t know! Flammable and inflammable.