Women Admit Defeat

Yesterday, MenAreBetterThanWomen.com, the website devoted to the infinity of ways in which men are better than women — and all the no ways in which women are better or even as good as men, was brought down by the complaints of a childless harpy.

That’s the worst kind of woman: a childless one.

A woman without children is like a Lego set that comes with missing pieces, or an aborted baby someone left in the street. It’s incomplete and now it’s just a big fucking mess left there to fuck with everyone.

Want to build a cool castle that won’t have a portcullis? Or do you want some placenta on your shoe?

No. I’ll take neither.

The reason I know the complaint to my former web host came from a childless woman is simple. There are three types of women in this man’s world: childless women who no one wants to impregnate, “lesbians”, and women who know how to shut the fuck up.

Women who know how to shut the fuck up are busy enjoying the lives of luxury that shutting the fuck up affords them. You will often find such women tooling around town in fancy cars purchased by their husbands and idling the day away thinking about unicorns, Pier One, and how they have never had to watch the news or think about The Market once in their entire fucking lives. These women don’t have time to complain to web hosts. They’re happy.

Sliding down about a mile on the scale of class, we come to “lesbians”.

“Lesbians” need attention. That’s why they’re “lesbians” in the first place — with their Birkenstocks and granola bars and yappy fuck-off mouths. Like the drunk skank at a party who tries to make out with every girl there so men will feed her the precious attention that sustains female life, so have “lesbians” molded their entire worlds for the titillation of men.

“Lesbianism” is little more than a lifestyle of cockteasing, and comes from a place less expensive than strippers, but somehow less classy than the drunken skank.

These “lesbians” complain alright. They complain about rights, they complain about the media, they complain that the bikini exists; they invent entire college courses called Women’s Studies and Women’s Rights and other brands of money shit that manufactures a degree worth Not a Goddamn Cent. They complain, but they would never complain to get MenAreBetterThanWomen.com shut down. “Lesbians” need the problems they cling to like life rafts. They have no children to occupy their time.

That brings me to my final classification of women: childless women. Childless women like the ones who got MenAreBetterThanWomen.com shut down for a period of twelve hours before some men easily fixed it.

Women, unlike men, have the life-cycle of fruit. They spring to life. They reach a peak state of flavor. Then, they decay into rottenness and worthlessness, ruining everything they touch. Without children, this happens at the age of 23. At that point, they have too much time on their hands and not enough brains.

Men have the lifecycle of cannonballs. You can pull a cannonball off the bottom of the fucking ocean, out of an old Spanish warship, and it will still shoot the shit out of something.

Ever heard of Ghandi or Jesus? Jesus has been inspiring people from beyond the grave for thousands of years. Women have just been getting my website shut down.

Women are so fucking obsessed with men lasting longer in the sack, that they forget about lasting longer where it counts: in life. In life, twelve hours is nothing.