Women Are Killing Mankind

Women are killing me.

I mean that figuratively, like when you tell a woman to change the channel from her stupid bullshit and she asks you which remote is for the TV for the fuck-hundredth time.

The TV doesn’t change the channel. The fucking cable box does!

That’s figuratively killing me. Women are also literally killing me.

An article I was given recently says women are ruining the medical profession. I already knew that. Women can barely work a kitchen knife around an overcooked turkey. There’s no fucking way they should be issued a scalpel.

The article was written by a man though, so I gave it a chance. Things made by women are like primary school drawings. They’re not worth fucking anything except to crazy people: women. Things made by men have value. That’s the difference.

The article states that women who take up valuable ass-space in med school (usually too much of it at that), follow up their lackluster educations with lackluster specializations in medicine.

When they do specialise, their top three choices are psychiatry, paediatrics and obstetrics, leaving potential for a shortfall in the more “difficult” specialities the men traditionally choose, including medicine and surgery.

Don’t forget the biggest wasted specialty of them all: motherhood.

I’ll tell you something. If I couldn’t get a new heart because some lady doctor was on her gold-brick maternity leave, I would be pretty upset. It wouldn’t matter though because after women have children, that’s all they care about. That’s because they see for their fat selves how fucking easy it is to baby sit all day.

Thirteen-year-olds do it. Do thirteen-year-olds get to do anything that’s hard? No. Fuck you. Raising children with no job (AKA being a mother) is the easiest job in the world. It’s way easier than psychiatry or obstetrics or whatever the fuck else women piss away the medical education they ripped out of some more deserving male’s hands, so why the fuck is this a fucking surprise?

Look, I’m all for letting women get educations. For example, I think women should be allowed to read. I mean it doesn’t help society obviously because Agatha Christie novels don’t help you read a map to Cluetown or fuck properly and really — well I think we’re on the same page with that.

But what if it’s costing lives? Our lives? Our children’s lives?

This is how the dark ages started. Women started getting educations and eventually weeded all the work ethic out of the entire fucking job force. Thank God killing animals for meat is in men’s DNA. That way we’re not completely fucked.

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